Friday, February 17, 2012

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You know, I've never bought glasses or contacts before so this review with was both new and educational. I was given up to $75 credit to do my review and this is how it went.

On first glance at the site, they had a good selection of glasses, many of which were priced at $39 for the glasses and frames. A pretty good deal, right? The ordering process was relatively simple too. You just have to put in your prescription and the measurement between the middle of your two pupils.

After that was where it got confusing. I'm not sure if there was a tutorial but if not, they should put one up. Basically, you then pick your options for lens thickness, antireflection and so on. These options all cost varying amounts. To be honest, if I had known, I would've probably chosen a slightly cheaper frame so that I could get the antireflection option. Unfortunately, I didn't have that kind of time and had already spent a lot of time choosing my frame, that I love, so I stuck with it, without making any changes.

My completed glasses arrived a couple of weeks later and they looked great! They had even included a cute and useful glasses cloth and screwdriver set. I was stoked to try them on. They looked pretty sweet but the only problem was that I was seeing the reflection of everything around me. Let me tell you, I had never felt so nauseated and dizzy before. Granted, I admit part of it was my fault for not havIng the time to go back and make a new selection. However, my process would also have been simplified and not as time consuming if the options were listed upfront.

My conclusion: Great prices and selection for the frames and lens but remember that there are extra options available for purchase. Keep that in mind and you're good. I would highly recommend antireflection. It'd definitely be worth it.

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Minta's Creations said...[Reply]

Stopping by from Pitch it to me.

Nicole said...[Reply]

I have heard of this over and over again, but never looked at site. Now that I have taken a look I am so excited! My glasses are so outdated!

Julie Bjerga said...[Reply]

This is a discount eyeglasses site I hadn't heard of so thank for the introduction! I'll make sure to look at all the options such as antireflection and such when I check out too, thanks for the warning!


Kathy said...[Reply]

I really need a new pair of glasses. The selection and prices on this site are great!

Michele P. said...[Reply]

glasses are so expensive! my daughter wears them and it is always nice to have an extra pair or two. They have some cute sunglasses styles too!

nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) said...[Reply]

I've ordered glasses online before but for 39! I would totally do it again.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love these glasses and they are so affordable. My husband really needs a new pair.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I really like the frames on these glasses. Cute but sophisticated.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I like that it comes with a cleaning cloth and screwdriver set.

trishden said...[Reply]

I don't know, I've had glasses before for reading and distance for driving, I never knew there was an anti reflection option. Maybe that is what makes them so affordable. When other expensive shops just throw it in and charge you more. Thanks for the review.


Aranda said...[Reply]

I'm big on sunglasses! Those are must have :)

Aranda gibbs

Deb said...[Reply]

My husband needs a new pair of glasses and this just might be the site for him. I can't believe the price $ you can't get a decent pair of sunglasses for that money..thanks for the review!
Deb Dorrington

desitheblonde said...[Reply]

i love the wire glasses and t hen the color are great

BettyMary said...[Reply]

I'm buying a pair now and I can't figure out which option is the anti-reflective one.
You are right about them needing a tutorial. I can't even find it in HELP..

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