Sunday, February 26, 2012

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I'm already 7 weeks into my Nutrisystem program and I've got good news and bad news.

Bad news first? I ate at TGI Fridays this week and the food was just so good. Unfortunately, one meal there costed me close to 1000 calories. Plus I've been sick all week and not taking care of myself as well so progress with regards to my weight has been slow and well, even backwards at times.

Good news is that I measured myself and there's been decent improvement there. My arms, chest and thighs haven't changed but I've seen my waist and hip size change. From when I started, I've seem to have lost 1.5" around my waist and 1" around my hips. The other good news is that the SO will be doing the last 2 months with me...which means less temptations and definitely less eating out. I expect to be seeing much better results with him on board too. He, himself, is quite excited about being on the program and can't wait to start. He's been gaining weight over the past several years now and has had trouble losing weight on his own so this should be good for both of us.

Starting Weight (142.8lb/142.5)
Week 1: -1.9lb (140.6)
Week 2: -2.0lb (138.6)
Week 3: +0.2lb (138.8)
Week 4: -3.8lb (135.0)
Week 5: +0.2lb (135.2)
Week 6: -1.4lb (133.8)
Week 7: +1.0lb (134.8)
Current totals: -7.7lb

Buy It: Want to join Nutrisystem too? Call 1-888-853-4689 OR visit Nutrisystem online. Feel free to check out the rest of my weekly progress and future videos here.

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