Friday, February 10, 2012

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When I first saw Sleepypod, I knew it was something I wanted for my two babies. I was lucky enough to be able to get to review the Sleepypod Mini and Warmer for my new baby Pom. And in a couple of months, I should be able to review the SleepyPod Air for the JR.
I have to admit, when it came to choosing colors, I was totally sold by the image of the Arctic White Sleepypod! It just looked so classy! So, it was a no brainer that that was the one I would be reviewing. It arrived with perfect timing. I needed to go take the baby Pom to the vet on the weekend so I had the week to get him used to the bottom.

This is a versatile pet carrier, being able to transform from a pet bed to a carrier, car seat, and airline carrier for both cats and dogs. It has zippers...lots of them! The base, which functions as a pet bed while separated from the top, has several layers. The top layer is this super soft, fluffy layer that is machine washable. Then there's a fabric layer in which you can slip the warmer in to keep your dog or cat cozy. Underneath that is a soft, cushioned layer. Talk about a pampered pet!

It took some time for the baby Pom to get used to the base because he had to hop into it. When it first arrived, he was only 3lbs so his body as just a bit taller than the bed so it must've looked like a mountain to him! He adjusted quickly to it though and now curls up in it to sleep.

He was so tired afterwards but
still wanted to stick his head out!

When we had to use it as a carrier, I actually found it easier to put him in the base first and then zip the top on. He didn't really take well to going through the upper zipper making it hard to get him in that way. I know I'm supposed to be able to push open the top and have it stay but for some reason, it kept popping back up and closing, making it hard to keep that opening open. During our train ride, he kept wanting to stick his head out and observe his surroundings. It was too cute! I loved how the zippered top allowed him to do that.

The carrier was easy to carry either by hand or by the shoulder strap, although I was sad to see that my jeans bled onto the gorgeous white exterior. I haven't quite tested it out yet on the car but I have watched their videos and am impressed with the way you can buckle the carrier in to keep it from moving, and more importantly, keep my babies safe!

The Sleepypod Warmer Kit comes with two adapters, one for the wall and one for the car adapter. Its so neat that you can warm up your baby's bed. Something I really need in human size for myself this winter! It does take a little while to warm up so don't expect it to heat up right away. At the same time, its a nice middle temperature that won't burn your baby.

Buy It: Shop online at Sleepypod for your pet carriers and more. The Sleepypod Mini sells for $99.99 and the Universal Warmer Kit sells for $64.99.

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pmh said...[Reply]

Trouble Hyde loves his blanket when it first comes out of the dryer. He curls up and gets the first "warm nap". He knows when his branket is in the dryer somehow and waits, tail wagging, while I fish it out. I love the fact you can warm this up for the baby!!!! And since he loves to "load up" and ride, this would be prefect for a comfortable, warm ride and not having to take his blanket (which is what I do!). Thanks so much for the opportunity. I know I would love to have these for the baby. penny hyde

Kathy said...[Reply]

This would be so great to have for travel. I love that it can be belted into the car for safer car trips.

Julie Bjerga said...[Reply]

The mini is too big for my dog but my cat would LOVE it! She loves to nest but has never had an enclosed bed before so I'm anxious to try this one out!


Michele P. said...[Reply]

I like the sleepypod air for traveling and the leashlocket for dogs up to 55 lbs with the wrist strap option...

Michelle Spayde said...[Reply]

Sleepypod has some fabulous products, and I'd love to have them all; especially this one with the warmer. My guys would be in HEAVEN!

Michele P. said...[Reply]

these look great, I've been wanting something for my cat and will have to check it out. I love the fact that it is so versatile, and can be used on planes, as a pet bed and a carrier.

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