Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ok, so there are going to be some changes...

Don't panic! WOS will be buying a peresonal domain so things may be a bit wonky for a short duration of time until everything settles. There'll still be lots going on but we've decided that its time to be on our own domain for several reasons...
With all the hard work that's put into WOS, its nice to have the effort reflected in our stats. Although our stats are great now, they don't count as much as they would if we were on our own domain. This also limits the companies that are willing to work with us. As such, we'd like to work with a broader scope of companies and ask for your continual support and patience while we undergo this transition. With luck, it'll be up and running in no time and hopefully before the next giveaway event starts up!

Off topic though, for those of you who ask, why are there mandatory network follows to giveaways? Well, we hope that if you like our reviews and giveaways, you will support us by liking us on facebook or following us on our social networks. We put a lot of time and effort into negotiating offers with companies, testing products honestly and preparing our reviews and giveaways, not to mention the time that goes towards verifying winners. Sure, its just choosing, but at the end of the day, its the blogger themselves that have to go through the entries in order to verify them. I'm not sure about other bloggers, but the writers at WOS for one, work full-time jobs with ridiculously long hours so blogging is our passion and joy outside of work. Your support is crucial for that and more. What more? Its a rather simple and straightforward're helping to build our networks and in exchange, that helps us secure bigger and better reviews and giveaways for you, our readers. Of course, we'd still like to think that you are supporting us and would absolutely love it if you would. The other note of mention is Google+. I'm sure most everyone is aware now that GFC will be transitioned out on blogs other than those on Blogger, which is why blogs are all trying to slowly transition in Google+. Its a bit of an inconvenience for you, our readers, but you know, its an inconvenience for us too. So before you blast bloggers for things that are also aimed at benefiting you, please reconsider. :) Thank you. For those of you who do appreciate us for what we do and support us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We hope to see you soon on the new and improved WOS!

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                                                         Until next time,


Unknown said...[Reply]

Good luck with the transition. Will continue to follow you and thanks for all your efforts on the reviews and giveaways. I certainly do think it must take quite a bit of time and hard work on your part. So, thank you. I do appreciate it. And yes, I do actually read your reviews.

Cinny said...[Reply]

@FromFurrin That was so sweet of you. You have no idea how much it means to me that someone actually reads what I write. You made my day and I hope I won't disappoint in the future.

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