Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Okay, so I recently received a super cool item to review. Its techie but for your fluffy ones. A microchip door! How cool is that? Ever wish your cats could come in from outside but not let other strays in? SureFlap makes it possible!

So I had gotten the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to review and was going to give it to my buddies since a lot of my friends actually own cats, rather than dogs. For demo's sake though, they had sent me one that was already built into a stand so we can't really tell you how easy it is to assemble from experience. However, looking at the instructions, it really doesn't seem that bad.

We actually filmed the memory process and it was pretty neat. Easy, straightforward, and the memory is permanent on SureFlap, even after a battery change. It works on 4 AA batteries and can memorize up to 32 cats...if you really need that many cats. So, it essentially recognizes your cats' microchip and unlocks the door allowing only your cats in the door. Pretty smart if you ask me. Check out my video to learn more. The hilarious thing is that the sample cat they sent seemed to have a microchip so we were actually able to set and test the door with the sample plush cat first.

Totally awesome gift for those cat lovers in your life! Compatible with most microchip types and can be installed into doors, windows, or walls. The only thing you really have to remember is that the cat actually has to go through the door before the microchip gets memorized. Waving your cat in front of the door does nothing.

Buy ItShop online for SureFlap Microchip Cat Door ($149.99).

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April said...[Reply]

That looks pretty awesome!

Sherrie said...[Reply]

My cat would so love this and I would too. This would be great to keep the other cats in the neighborhood out.

Sherrie Cruson

Trasina said...[Reply]

This looks soooo cool! My cat would surely love it!

(I usually overpack but i'm not sure if that comment really was supposed to go here?)

corey1971 said...[Reply]

I'm living in an apartment right now, but once I get back into a house, I think I'll get this for my cat. (

Lisa Garner said...[Reply]

This is a great product and I love how much safer it is than tradition cat doors.

Lisa Garner

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