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So, it seems like everyone has an iPad these days, even my 3 year old nephew... I know, lucky kid, right? How does everyone decide on which accessories to buy? I've recently had an opportunity to review some iPad accessory products by Rocketfish, and they couldn't have come at a better time. I actually let my nephew or rather, his parents, test these products out. We were sent two items for review: the Rocketfish Car Mount and Advanced Series Stand.

Rocketfish's iPad 2 Car Mount allows you to strap your iPad 2 to the back of your car's headrest. It features adjustable viewing angles and functions as a portable case or a viewing stand. Designed to be able to mount on any dual-post head rest, it its 7.5"tall x 9.7" wide x 5" deep and weighs 1.3lbs.

We installed it together and here are our collective thoughts. We liked how it was so easy and quick to install and only involved attaching the mount onto the headrest posts and then clipping the case part on. In fact, the most trouble we had was getting it out of the box! That took us more time than installing it, even more so for the other item. There's a large area for the mount, meaning it can accommodate most vehicles headrest posts. The case that holds the iPad 2 was nice and soft, yet firm enough to give a good hold and when attached, seemed to be a good, strong, and steady hold. The adjustable viewing angles were great and allows the iPad to be viewed in both landscape and portrait views.

Rocketfish's Advanced Series Stand is actually for most touch-screen devices, not just the iPad2. Being made of aluminum makes this stand sleek and durable. It measures 6.7" tall x 5.4" wide x 6.3" deep and weighs 0.5lbs. This one is rather simple and really only involves sliding the two parts together.  Again, the only thing we really had trouble with was getting it out of the box. Why are these boxes put together so intricately?! LOL, but besides that, we were pleased that the iPad would fit, even with its cover, onto the stand and how it easily supports landscape and portrait views. It would work great as a display or work station for iPads and other tablets and it also has these nice cushiony pads for the iPad to rest on. The only cautionary advice we would give is if you have pets or kids running around and you're using it in portrait view. This makes the top a bit heavy and while it won't fall over by itself, it is easy to knock over. So, put it somewhere safe and it'll function great. I should mention that they also liked how there was a nice gap between the bottom of the part that holds the iPad and the surface which allows for cords to be linked through if you're charging your iPad.

Overall, they were actually very pleased with my early Christmas present surprise and these Rocketfish iPad2 Accessories to them since they actually use the iPad2 for learning games (yes, they are training my nephew very early) and this meant that they could easily do it both at home and on the road. The only thing that really bugged them was the disproportionately large box sizes and the difficulty pulling everything out of the boxes. However, if you're not one to keep boxes, just tear through them and problem solved. Isn't that what the fun at Christmas is all about anyways?

Buy ItShop online or look in your local Best Buy for Rocketfish iPad accessories: Car Mount ($59.99), Advanced Series Stand ($29.99). For my friends at WOS, use these coupons: Get 40% OFF the Car Mount. Get  25% OFF the Advanced Series Stand.

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