Saturday, December 3, 2011

#Nintendo #DS #Game: #DeGeDar #Review

I love games. They’re just a part of who I am and when I travel, I rarely leave without my Nintendo DS! It really makes those long hours on a flight bearable. DaGeDar by GameMill Entertainment was the newest game I’ve tried that was just recently released November 15th. Never even heard of it before but I guess it’s the newest thing in the gaming world for kids. DegeDar toys are these balls with characters on them which can be rolled around or race on tracks!
Basically, it’s a racing game and who doesn’t love racing games? I know I’ve always had fun and actually get really competitive with racing games. Its just so much fun when you race and especially if you’re playing against your buddies! Play by yourself or play with your buddies in the multi-card download play mode.

So, you pick a ball (one out of 100 different DeGeDars) and one of 50 race tracks and you race! Depending on the ball/character you use, they have different strengths. Some will move faster and some attack the opponents, while some will be better at defending against opponents. Race through loops and jumps and use the accelerators for speed boosts but avoid the ones that slow you down! Did I also mention that there are 33 fun-packed levels? Guaranteed for lots of fun for a good amount of time.

This is more suited for the younger ones in your family! Rated ‘E’ for Everyone and available for Nintendo DS for $19.99, it’s a great stocking stuffer for the kids this year.

Buy ItShop online for GameMill products. DaGeDar for the Nintendo DS retails for $19.99. Or look for it on and in stores!

Visit GameMill for more information.

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