Thursday, February 27, 2014

#Frockstar ready for Spring plus 5 Easy #Tips to Fight the Winter Blues #fashion

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Has this winter dragged on longer than it needs to be? We're nearing the end of February and roads are still covered in ice and snow. We can't seem to escape the winter blues. How is it in your area? Warmer? In these days, when it's still so dark and gloomy all the time, it's no wonder people get the winter blues.

Well, it's time to fit back. Spring is around the corner and this #frockstar is ready for it. There's nothing like getting out of the drab of the ordinary by switching up your wardrobe with something refreshing and colorful! Audrey in Gold Chains was the one for me.
5 Easy tips to fight the Winter Blues
The sleeveless dress, tapered at the waist, and flowing was full of femininity and comfort. Combined with the bright, bold colors in the pattern, it was a beautiful combination. Little flashes of fresh green made it feel spring like, even as I stood in the brisk cold air outside.

Besides switching up your wardrobe with Karina Dresses, how do you deal with your winter blues? Let's make a list:

5 Tips for Avoiding the Winter Blues
1) Solar/Sun lamps -One of my buddies bought a solar lamp and she swears by it. They come in different price ranges and some insurance companies will even cover for them!
2) Changing things up with a new Spring wardrobe
3) Listing the activities you enjoy about winter and do them more.
4) Exercise! A good exercise session will help you feel better.
5) Dress warm and appropriate for the weather. Sometimes the cold is bad enough to make you hate winter so dress warmly.

Any other tips you can think of?

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