Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trees are growing out of my wall! #decor

Oh no! Trees have started growing out of my walls. What do I do? There are branches and everything too. LOL, yes, there are, believe it but they're so pretty and only took a little under an hour to put up.
Removable wall decals
I've always wanted to try one of these wall decal kits. My walls were so plain and now whenever I look up, there's a new design with a splash of color. It makes the room warmer, more personable I think. I had ordered the pink leaves ($51.99) from Sticker Hub and they come with 2 branches.

The dimensions of the branches are 30.50" x 45.95" and 22.20" x 43.55" respectively. With my last sticker experience, I sure hoped this one was easier to do. And it was! Except they all can in unlabelled pieces and parts. The branches were separated into several different stickers and leaves just wherever you found them. So, you do have to figure out which branch parts belonged to which branch.
Further, the branches don't align properly so I ended doing it with some overlap to make it look best. You can't tell though. With the leaves, I added them as I felt, letting my artistic soul take over. Turned out pretty well, right?

It was definitely easier to use. These kits are fully reusable, repositionable, and removable for up to 5 years (indoor use only). I shifted and repositioned a whole branch and it's leaves and it was great. There was no bubbling and they guarantee that the wall decals will not damage any standard walls.

Buy It: Shop online for your own wall decals. Free shipping on orders over $25.

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