Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Secret Fashion tips you'll want to have this holiday season #styleSURPRISE #spon

Love these booties! I need a pair with a smaller heel!
Want to look your best this holiday season? Here are some tips you'll want to read to keep it all together! With fashion, there are always some sort of mishap or the other. Take this one time, I was in this nice LBD that had a V-neck both in the front and the back. I, however, failed to realize how low it actually went in the back. I thought it'd be above my bra closure. Unfortunately...NOT!

I had a fashion emergency on my hand. Less than an hour until I had to interview a few child stars before heading to a red carpet movie premiere. Then I starting looking for my trusty saftey pin. Safety pins are always super useful and I keep one packed in my suitcase for various fashion emergencies. The safety was able nicely pin and keep my bra clasp from being exposed.

Here are more fashion emergency tips:
-Use double sided tape to keep bra straps from being exposed or falling off your shoulders. It's always nicer to have that clean cut look.
-Use baby wipes to remove or reduce makeup stains on clothing.
-Clear nail polish can help to stop a run in your panty hose from getting worse and help keep a loose button on.  It's also great at keeping snags from getting worse, once you push it back to the inside of the sweater.

Now that you're armed with a few fashion emergency tips, wouldn't it be great if you could also win the wardrobe of your dreams? Enter the Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes for your chance to win $5k worth of SYW points. I'd be able to get so much from that. Can you imagine? New outfits from head to toe and accessories galore! I'd get a few suits for work, a few dresses, and chic casual wear. I love this dress!
#styleSURPRISE gorgeous houndstooth dress
Visit Sears for more everyday fashion inspiration. I love this video Sears came out with...so cute!
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Unknown said...[Reply]

Love the houndstooth pattern. And those boots are awesome. I love all of your tips.

emaalyon said...[Reply]

I so need fashion tips right now! I'm loving houndstooth this year!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love the tip for double sided tape! I think I might use that one!

Michele said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing some great fashion tips. Love the houndstooth pattern dress. Not real fond of short boots, but I love my high boots I bought for myself from Sears!

Gena said...[Reply]

I love Sears for clothes! Great post!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing these great fashion tips! I never thought of the nail polish to stop pulls in sweaters! It happens all the time to me!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

Sears has some great clothes! They have definitely revamped themselves!

Gingermommy said...[Reply]

Great tips. Always good to brush up during the holidays when we are getting fancy. I never leave home without a safety pin

Ronni Keller said...[Reply]

I'm not so much crazy about the dress, but the boots I totally dig!

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