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Christmas Gift Ideas 2012
There were a couple especially notable toys though from the Toy Fair...ones I really couldn't take my eyes off of. I think you'll love them! It's a slightly longer post but you won't be sorry for reading it! Make sure you read to the end to find out about AppGear as well. First up is the line of toys from The Bridge Direct. This company has a gigantic selection of toys that you know and love including shoulder buddies, Power Rangers, Looney Tunes and more. The item that caught my eye as soon as I walked into the room was the Glo-Glo Inkoos. Super adorable, super cute and cuddly right?
Glo Glo Inkoos, Shoulder buddies review
At the same time, it's not really girly at all and I love that. They come a 3 styles/colors and are pretty good value for their money ($24.99+). You draw whatever you’d like on them with the 3 included washable markers. Then when you get sick of the design, toss them in the wash and start with a blank template. You can also use other washable markers on the Inkoos but don’t use the Inkoo’s markers on anything else.

A special light pen allows you to visualize the glow in the dark pattern. The light pen also allows you to draw on the Inkoo in the dark. Essentially, it lights up the part of the fabric it draws on for a short duration before fading away. The main Glow in the Dark feature comes from the special fabric the Inkoo is made from. Flip off the lights to see it glow. A little fabric loop on the side of this adorable monster allows you to clip your markers and not lose them.

Overall, Glo Glo Inkoos are super cute! I love the reusable functionality it carries and that you can use any washable markers on it. That makes it worth it in itself.
My next love came in the form of the new line of AppGear toys from WowWee. Seriously, how do they make toys that appeal not only to kids but to adults too? As soon as I saw their table at the Toy Fair, I got sucked in to this little gun game. Ha…it’s called Elite CommandAR ($24.99) and is a part of their new interactive app games that work with smartphones.

Before we get into Elite Commandar though, let’s talk about Akomodon ($9.99), another AppGear game that’s compatible with smartphones and tablets. In essence, the app is free. You just have to buy the game pieces in stores to activate features. My particular game had 2 characters. By scanning the QR code on the back, I activated those two characters. I could then play in my adventure with either of those two characters. If I wanted to unlock more characters, I’d have to go to the store and buy a set that had 2 new characters in it. The game was cute, you wander around, collecting items and defeating enemies.
AppGear Tech Toys, Akomodon, Elite Commandar review
You could also switch the background to your surroundings (Amplified Reality) and train, feed, or groom your character. Once you unlocked the characters, you don’t really need them around anymore. It’s recommended for kids aged 9+ but I found it challenging to play. It would definitely keep me busy for hours!

I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Elite CommandAR, here we come! This game is totally phenomenal. You’ve got a plastic toy gun and you download the free app, just like the other one, onto your smartphone. You then assemble the phone holder onto the gun and it safely clips your phone in. Attach the cord that’s hidden beneath the gun barrel to the headphone jack and you’re ready to go.
AppGear Elite Commandar Review
It does require 2AA batteries that you put in the gun handle. These batteries are NOT included. That was a bit surprising but not a big deal.

Boot up the app to find yourself in target shooting area. As you turn your gun, your screen moves with you as if you were right there in the game. So cool! There’s target practice wherein you’re timed and you have to hit a certain number of targets to pass. LOL, I managed to take some pictures and screenshots while I was shooting…haha, pretty good, right? It even had futuristic gun sounds. There’s also a campaign mode and another Amplified Reality Mode where you battle aliens in your own home!

This game I can see people of all ages playing with. LOL, I had a blast with this 360 degree game. In fact, my brother even asked me to bring it home for Christmas so that he could check it out too. There’s a 2 player/multiplayer mode where you can connect with others with the same game.

Overall, AppGear has some pretty neat games. The smaller app games retail for under $10 and Elite CommandAR is $24.99. There’s a holiday special going on right now hwere if you buy 1 elite CommandAR online you get a free Mysterious Raygun ($9.99 value) for US & Canadian orders. Offer expires Dec 14, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. It’ll be automatically added to your order.

Make sure you check out #TBTBHoliday Part 1 where I go over many of the newest toys out this season and the hottest toys to get your kids this year.

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Momma Told Me said...[Reply]

RE: Elite COMander: Okay, this looks pretty cool, even I want to get my hands on it!

KathleenKL said...[Reply]

never heard of inkoos before- and my kids like to play in a dark fort--so this would be way cool with the glow pen! thanks :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

I want a Glo Glo Inkoo for myself, LOL!

Ellen said...[Reply]

Wow those are definitely some neat toys!

Anne said...[Reply]

The inkoos are very clever!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Those are adorable. I want one!

Felissa Hadas said...[Reply]

Those Inkoos sound really cool! They would be a perfect care package to send to a child at sleep away camp (I know it is winter and summer is months away but a girl can wish right?)

Marina@EBMR said...[Reply]

The Inkoos caught my eye too! V. neat!!

Lena B said...[Reply]

Probably it's not my cup of tea, but my nephew would be all over this one

Sandy a la Mode said...[Reply]

the glow tools are cool!

Sandy a la Mode

Amanda @ Survival Guide by The Working Mom said...[Reply]

Great toys! The Wowee looks like something my little girl would love!

Two Little Cavaliers said...[Reply]

They make the coolest games for Androids and iPhones I always feel so left out with my Blackberry. I thought I was cool when I had the first generation Nintendo at my grandparents house (no video games at home)kids now can just borrow their parents phone and play all day long.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I just saw the Glow in the Dark guy last night and was hoping my daughter would pick it out, but no such luck! And now that I finally have a phone that would work those App Gear toys, I'm going to have to keep my eye on them! I've been trying to talk my father in law into updating his phone so he can get a fishing app game, but so far, no go! :)

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

i hadn't heard of this before but the kids i babysit would enjoy them i bet :)

Crazy Coupon Mommy said...[Reply]

The Appgear gun looks like the perfect gift for the boys on your list - young and old!

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