Friday, December 14, 2012

Beautician for a day #holidaygiftguide

Christmas Gift Ideas 2012
Beauty Chic™ sent me a Rechargeable Palm-Pedi foot Smoother ($29.99). Everyone’s skin dries out during winter and no matter the amount of creams and lotions we put on, the heel has always been a trouble spot. It’s more of a problem for some than others. Equipped with 3 circular miro files and a system that collects the shavings, the system softens rough heels and removes calluses. It’s decently small, which makes it portable and the fact that it’s rechargeable is really appealing. The first charge needs to be 8 hours long and a full charged machine should work for 40 minutes.

The waterproof feature allows it to be used both on dry skin and in the shower. They recommend using the coarse or medium filing disc to remove dry skin in circular motions and then the soft disc for 1-2 minutes for final smoothing. I particular like their safety function that prevents you from pushing too hard. The disc stalls if you’re using too much pressure.
How to get rid of rough skin
I tested this out on my callus first and even after just 5-10 minutes, the difference was clearly visible. My feet aren’t that bad though so I was especially eager to try this out on the SO’s coarse heels and feet. Teehee! Seriously, take the coarsest sandpaper you can find and those are his feet. He wouldn’t even let me take pics of it because they were so bad. I became a his personal beautician the other night, smoothing away at his feet. The difference…night and day! His feet have never felt smoother and that was after one treatment. They recommend you spreading out the treatments and that makes sense so that you don’t scrape off too much and end up with sensitive feet. I’m eager to see if the results last.

The system works pretty well. I had several issues with this unit. The instructions don’t tell you how to change the discs and the discs aren’t labeled so unless you’re a regular beautician, you’d have no clue, which one was coarse vs medium vs fine. I felt them to try to figure out which one they are. It’d be less confusing if they were labeled on the disc itself. If you do get this, let me teach you how to change the discs. By holding the bottom base, it simply pulls off. There are a couple focus points that pop into the holes at the base. See the picture and you’ll know what I mean.

Overall, the machine was easy to use with it’s ergonomic shape. The only issues I had were the ones listed above and well, if you read it, then you’ll have no issues at all.

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Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

That is so awesome. I just got out of a cast, and trust me my feet could SOOOO use this!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

I so need this! I never have time to go get a pedicure and my feet are suffering! Must check this out!

Kecia | From Mom's Desk said...[Reply]

My heels get very dry, especially during the winter. I want to look into this product and consider it for myself!

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...[Reply]

My husband would love that. He struggles with dry heels. I'll have to look into this for him.

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