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I love my fashion and I love my accessories. Do you know anyone like that? Are they also a photo fanatic? They may want to take a look at this. There is now the option to accessorize your DSLR in a functional and chic way thanks to Mod., a Dallas-based, premium camera straps and accessories company that started by a mother and daughter team in 2009.

These camera straps and accessories are created from handpicked fabrics, colors and textures. Not only do they offer customized camera straps, they also have camera bags, phone/tech cases and various camera accessories. There is a design for every fashionista.
Camera accessories for the fashionista photographer
I've been using my Nikon DSLR strap for as long as I can remember. It works but it isn't quite comfortable. A lot of that has to do with how heavy the camera and lens is at baseline. When I saw Mod.'s straps, I fell in love. The classic ($35.95) and premium straps ($49.95) are quite similar, yet uniquely different. They come in similar fabrics and both feature a plush lining. This furry lining feels incredibly soft and comfortable against your neck and prevents the camera from slipping off your shoulders. You know that feeling of snuggling with a soft, cuddly, teddy bear? It's like that, just on your neck.

Other similar features between the classic and premium straps include:
-33" long decorative portion
-total adjustable length of 42-48" and 1.75" wide
-High grade synthetic leather ends

The difference comes in a small but useful feature. The premium straps have quick release ends, meaning you can quickly unclip your camera from the straps once you've attached them. For me, attaching them is always the hardest part. There are times when you want to reach higher to snap a picture and of course, you're stuck because naturally, you've forgotten about the strap around your neck. This quick release design is perfect for those situations so that you can unclip one side and reach higher.
Which mod strap is best suited for you
There is a slight compromise though. Having the quick release feature lowers the maximum amount of weight the premium straps can withstand. The premium straps have been tested to be able to withstand pull down weight of up to 70lbs, whereas the classic straps can withstand up to 90lbs. The price difference is ~$14. Is it worth it?

To be honest, the majority of DSLR's won't weigh anywhere close to 70lbs, much less 90lbs. The convenience is a plus and if you own a bunch of different Mod. Straps, it makes switching them out a breeze. You can actually purchase quick release strap adaptors for $13.50. Either way, the premium straps are a nice luxurious plus. However, if you're on a budget, the classic straps are just as good and you can use the difference towards another useful accessory...the lens saver.

The lens saver ($16.50) is a simple but incredibly useful accessory for photographers everywhere. It's fashionable and functional. The elastic end goes around the barrel of the camera lens and the other end with an adorable decorative disc attaches to your lens cap with an adhesive pad. Viola, take the camera lens off without worrying about where to put it or lost it while you're taking pictures.

Think of yourself as a photographer? fashionista? functional? Mod. offers the perfect accessories that fit all three categories. I may just have a newfound camera accessory addiction.
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