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Are you still looking for that fabulous fun yet educational gift for the little ones? There are a ton of gift options out there but I particularly love these ones. They make up some of the coolest kids books I've seen this season.

Silver Dolphin Books has come out with a special edition Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Pop-Up Book ($19.99). It coincides with the 50th anniversary of Rudolph. Gosh, who knew it had already been 50 years. The book is filled with vibrant colors and pop up art, while telling the story of Rudolph's North Pole adventure. It all comes down to save Christmas one foggy night and of course, the true meaning of the holiday spirit. This is a great story to have for current and future generations.
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Less revolved around the holidays but still incredibly cool and for the slightly older kids is the Uncle John's For Kids Only series! Geared towards young trivia fans is "Totally Quacked" (ages 8+, $11.49 on sale). Definitely an interesting read with 288 pages full of all sorts of strange science, news, history, odd sports, and the all things interesting. It's a great bathroom read and perfect for stocking stuffers. This particular edition has a special focus on "quacks" including  amazing animal quack-ups, history’s biggest quacks, quacky fashion, and more.

In the in between age group of ages 6+, Uncle John has some pretty awesome books that even I was fascinated over. Uncle John's Riddle Me Timbers! and Magic Cupcake Placemats ($7.76 on sale each) is pretty innovative. Each of these are 36-paged books/placemat pads. Yes, placemat pads! The 36 pages can be torn out to serve as placemat pads and the cool thing about them is that each one has some sort of theme, activity, challenge, puzzle, etc. Seriously plain old fun in every single mat.

These are definitely the coolest kids books this season and I'm positive they'll be a hit!
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