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10 Summer Outdoor #Fire #Safety #Tips #FireAndRescue

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Celebrate! Happy 4th of July! Happy belated Canada Day! What's a festive week it is and has been. Fireworks and bonfires may be part of the fun but don't forget to keep some common safety tips in mind. I have seen so many accidental and non-accidental burn injuries and some could have very easily been prevented.

10 Summer Outdoor Fire Safety Tips to Avoid Serious Burns and Danger
1) STOP, DROP, and ROLL -When your clothes catch on fire, it is best to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Do not attempt to pull your clothes off, that costs more time and you're more likely to sustain worse burns. I recently saw something where a child was burned fairly badly while setting bonfires with her friends. Bonfires were a common occurrence for her friends and her, so there was never any adults present. She was pouring gasoline to make the bonfire grow when her dress caught on fire. What she did next probably made her burns worse since she took the time to try and pull her dress off, while in a panicked state.

2) Barbecues -Keep young children and pets away from barbecues. This is fairly important. I've also seen a child who was reaching for hot dogs himself and got burned subsequently.

3) Camp fires/Bonfires -Should always be attended by an adult. Never leave it unattended and never leave children unattended near a fire. So many accidents have happened in which kids are playing and fell in.

4) Gasoline -Never use gasoline to start a fire and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, use it as an accelerant in a bonfire. Gasoline vapors can catch fire very easily, even from just a small spark and it'll give you a huge bang. 1 gallon of gasoline vapor has the same kick as 14 sticks of dynamite exploding. Store gas safely when not being used, outside in a detached shed or garage.

5) Object Safety -Don't try to burn glass and aluminum. Glass will heat up and shatter. Aluminum only breaks down and it's harmful to inhale the aluminum dust.
Prevent severe burns with these fire safety tips
6) Object Location -Don't place hot liquids and items in close reach of children. When toddlers are walking and standing, they tend to grab at things and pull them down from the edge of the table, counter, etc.

7) Fire Location - Build your fire downwind and away from your tent if camping. Remove any debris that could accidentally catch fire in a 10 foot diameter around the fire site.

8) Smoking -Put cigarettes out completely. Avoid flower pots and peat moss, those

9) Adult Supervision and Vigilance -I cannot stress how important this point is. Many accidents could have been prevented if the children were supervised. Granted, children are curious and will want to try things, but keeping children a safe distance away and properly educating them on what to do if they catch on fire is truly beneficial.

10) Put out your Fire properly -Let the wood burn completely to ash and drown the fire with water until the hissing sounds stop. Use a shovel to stir the ashes and ember to ensure everything is wet and cold. Dirt can be a good substitute for water. However, dirt is used to mix and not bury the fire or roots may catch on fire and subsequently result in a wildfire.

Remind your kids and be vigilant with your family no matter how old they are. Holidays are better enjoyed uninjured.

Now that we've got the serious stuff out of the way, check out what Smoky the Bear, National Parks, and the heroes from Disney’ PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE have brought us. This summer, educate your kids and have fun with the Educational Activity Guide. Click the image to download it.
Disney Planes Fire and Safety Educational Activity Guide
Photo Credit: Disney
Disney’s PLANES FIRE AND RESCUE is in theatres July 18th!

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