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5 ways to keep the fire going in your #relationship #BedroomSpice #sp

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You know, we all grow up some time and as much as we love each other, it's hard to find alone time. I don't even mean the grown up stuff, even just hanging out or relaxing together or even enjoying each other's company. Take my hubby and me, we've known each other forever and we've only been married a short while but work itself is sucking the life out of us. We rarely had any time together last year and the time we did, we were passed out sleeping. So how do you keep your relationship strong and amp up that #BedroomSpice?

In Sony Pictures' Sex Tape movie featuring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal, they work on these things. They've had two kids now and where do they get the time to enjoy each other's company any more? So, in attempts to spark their bedroom romance again, Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segal) decide to try every position in The Joy of Sex -for 3 WHOLE HOURS, recorded...Now imagine the Cloud gets it and it's dispersed like raindrops on a rain day. Bwahaha -the consequences that ensue. I know, "Sex Tape" sounds scary but I can see it being relatable to many people who have now placed their time and focus on their kids and work, not the filming part, but the lack of interaction with each other part. FYI, Cameron Diaz bares it ALL in this movie!

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

My favorite part about the trailer is "the cloud!" I luckily have never been part of any technology mishaps but I do know of people who have.
5 Tips to Keep the Fire going in Your Relationship
1) Date Night -Take some time to enjoy alone time together, whether it's a night out or a cozy night in. We all need a little love and pampering and it's hard when life gets busy but a little effort makes it go a long way.

2) Little things add up -A little sweetness here and there add up. Little surprises and sweet things during the week make your loved one feel extra special. It doesn't have to be much, make them a drink, help them out with chores. Let me tell you, I'm really happy when the hubby decides to help with the chores!

3) Saying I love you -Make it a habit. Ya, we all know you love each other but it's still nice to hear it from time to time.

4) Something unexpected -Do something unexpected. Surprise your significant other with something special. This may not sound like much but to me, it was awesome. The hubby came to my work lot and fixed my car while I was at work. Then he parked it back so it'd be ready for me after work. Okay, not a super romantic notion but it left me pleasantly surprised.

5) Focus on the positives -Ok, I'm guilty of being bad on this one too because I get mad at the things he does wrong or doesn't do. Don't do what I do, look at the positives. If you do that, you appreciate the other party and well, you'll be much happier. If I look at the hubby's positives, I've actually got a great guy!

For more tips, visit SexTapeTheMovie. The movie is in theaters July 18th!

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