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Now that I've written about 10 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Cruise and 10 Hidden Costs of a Cruise, the only reasonable thing to talk about now is how to save your precious, hard-earned money while on a cruise vacation, right? Let's get straight into it.

10 Money-Saving Tips on a Cruise
1. Book Early and Never Pay the Brochure Price -There is always a sale somewhere, surf the web and find your options. Booking early can also sometimes give you great prices and potential upgrades or complimentary amenities.

2. Cruise Close -If your start and end ports are close to home, you can avoid additional travel costs to get there.

3. Free cruising -Look for the offers where the 3rd or 4th person cruises for free. These offers pop up often in email mailings.

4. Book onboard -Often if you book your next cruise while onboard, they offer various bonuses like free onboard credit for your next cruise.

5. Buy in advance -Sometimes discounts are offered for pre-purchasing meal packages and spa packages.
10 money-Saving tips on a cruise
6. Wine/Champagne -Many cruise lines now allow you to bring 2 bottles of wine or champagne on board. Take advantage of that. The only catch is that to truly save money, you need to open the bottle in your own room or face a $25 corkage fee in the dining room. You can either bring aboard a portable wine opener that does NOT have a knife (those are allowed in carry on baggages) or ask your room attendant to bring you one.

7. Drink packages -Only buy these if you think you can keep up with the drinking pace to break even. Otherwise, just buy the occasional drink when you want it.

8. Pack light -My goal is to use my carry-ons if possible and avoid checked luggage. With the airlines now charging for checked luggage, that's an extra expense I don't need. I was shocked to see people with 3-4 large suitcases for a 7 day cruise. I managed with my 2 carry-ons.

9. Avoid the temptation -Like I mentioned in my prior post, a huge sink hole is the shopping. Try not to take in every single drink, art auctions, special time-limited sales, specialty treat shops and restaurants.

10. Cash account -Many people set up cash accounts as opposed to credit accounts so that it limits their spending. That helps to prevent the ease at which cruisers can just swipe their room card to pay for everything.

Budget ahead and save money. That way you can truly enjoy your cruise and not feel the pain of the credit card bills afterwards.

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