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I recently wrote about 10 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Cruise. One of the reasons I love cruises is because of ease of which everything is included. However, to keep costs manageable, you also need to know about the hidden costs aka the extra expenses you need to consider when going on a cruise.

10 Hidden Costs or Extra Expenses to Consider on a Cruise
1) Shore excursions -These are a given. Whether you purchase through the cruise line or a travel agency, these can cost different amounts. Of course, you can also choose to do your own exploring.
2) Tips -All cruises have a base daily tip rate that they will charge regardless. The sink hole, however, is that although your meals are free and you already have tips being automatically charged, there is always that option to pay more of a tip at dinner, at the bar, wherever. Even if you buy a drink package and the 15% tip is already included in the cost, there'll still be the option of additional tip "at your discretion" when you grab a drink from the bar. If you didn't buy a drink package, don't worry, they'll still stack on an automatic 15% gratuity charge to bar purchases.
3) Drinks -At meal time, certain drinks are free. However, anything else, pop/soda included will cost you.
4) Certain onboard activities/entertainment/Spas cost money and a decent amount. Surprisingly, quite a few folks will still do it. To play Bingo on my cruise, prices started around $70 and went up to several hundred but gosh, people were still buying like crazy.
5) Expense Account -This might be the killer move. You have to set up an onboard expense account when you first check in, cash or credit. The beauty of it is that a swipe of your room card will allow charges to automatically be added onto your account. The beast of it is that it is just so easy to swipe that card and not think about how much you've already spent. I think having it makes it easier for cruisers to spend more than they had intended to.
10 extra expenses to consider when going on a cruise
6) Bringing your own drinks onboard -Some cruise lines will let you bring 2 bottles of wine or champagne onboard but if you drink or open it in public, that will cost you.
7) Shopping -This is a massive sink hole. There is always some sort of sale, some bargain, or some must buy event going on, whether it is on the ship itself or at a destination pier.
8) Alternative Dining Options -Okay, honestly, our dining room had decent food. However, there's always the "well renowned" alternative dining options that of course, cost more money. I certainly have my thoughts whether they were worth it or not, but you'll have to wait for that post.
9) Photos -There are always photo opportunities from the moment you step into the cruise terminal to when you get off the ship. Consider if you want to take your own pictures versus purchasing the ridiculously priced packages offered.
10) Internet -This was by far the most outrageously priced commodity onboard. I couldn't imagine paying several hundred dollars just to get online for a 7 day cruise. As much as I am a blogger and cannot live without internet, I just cannot afford this commodity. Speaking with those who had tried it, usually it's not worth it given the slow speeds!

It's definitely easy to get swept away when you're on a cruise. Avoid these pitfalls and save yourself some money. Next, learn how to save money on a cruise.

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