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Christmas Gift Ideas 2013
I am multilingual and love it. As a kid, I loved my languages. I found foreign languages not only romantic but also useful. As a career woman, I wish I remembered more of my languages so that I can communicate with more people. I still love learning from others and picking tidbits of other languages here and there. So when it comes to holiday gift guide ideas, there's a great one out there that's been popular with a lot of my friends' kids...Little Pim.

What's the hype? Little Pim Discovery Sets were recently unveiled at Toys"R"Us®, a special limited edition ($39.95) 3 DVD set available in Spanish, Chinese, or English and comes with a LIttle Pim plush panda toy. Plush panda? That in itself is going to suck a kid in because not only are they learning from Little Pim on TV but they get to play with their own Little Pim stuffed toy.
learn languages
These DVD's are well known for teaching kids from 6 months to 6 years in a fun and entertaining way. This is also the best time for teaching languages and the program usesEntertainment Immersion Method® to immerse kids in the language and repetition to improve memory and retention.

Each DVD is split into 5 minute episodes to accommodate a child's attention span. Each disc (35 min) will teach 60 words and phrases and covers different topics:
Disc 1: Eating and Drinking
Disc 2: Wake Up Smiling
Disc 3: Playtime

Did you know you only need 500 words to be considered "conversational" in a language? With this, we're partway there.

I reviewed the Chinese Mandarin and Spanish sets. The great thing about these DVD's is that the format is all the same, it's only the language that's changed from one set to the other. There's a lot of repetition but they also write out the character, word or phrase most of the time to facilitate understanding. The words were straight forward and useful words/phrases that kids would use on a day to day basis. This would probably keep kids entertained repeatedly while subconsciously making them learn a second language. A win-win situation, if you ask me.

Although the special edition Little Pim Discovery sets are available in 3 languages, Little Pim is actually available in 11 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian on videos, music, books, flash cards, gift sets and more.

With all the cool stuff they have going on, fans can check out the Little Pim Kickstarter program (through Oct. 31st) for an eBook for Little Pim.

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