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Gorton's seafood review
Oh, I love that fisherman clothed in a yellow hat and raincoat. He always brings along wonderfully yummy food. Lately, it's been hard to have family meals since we're always so tired and working different times. By the time we get off, we simply are too tired to whip up anything too complicated. Today, I've got for you a super simple and quick recipe for a delicious meal your whole family will enjoy.
Easy seafood lettuce wrap recipe
Finger licking Wicked Good Seafood Lettuce Wraps
All you need is Gorton's Seafood Potato Crunch Fish Fillets (they come in a pack of 10 fillets), 1 head of romaine lettuce, and 1 cucumber.

1) Bake the Potato Crunch Fish Fillets as instructed on the package.
2) Cut the romaine lettuce into half leaves
3) Slice the cucumber into strips

When the fish fillets are done baking, place the flavor-filled fillets onto a lettuce leaf and add a couple strips of cucumber. Better yet, have the family wrap their own! Now was that simple, or what?
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The texture and crunch of the fish fillets are superb. The lettuce wrap and addition of the cucumber added a fresh pop of flavor and neutralized the saltiness of the fillets, melding it into the perfect Wicked Good Seafood Lettuce Wrap.

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