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Christmas Gift Ideas 2013
Of course, I'm going to start with my favorite furry friends. This year, they're getting their holiday gifts early. Do you drive to the relatives for the holidays? When we're home, we do a lot of car travel. Even when it's not a holiday, road trips are a favorite. Kids you can seatbelt in but what about your pets?

Pet Friendly Car Travel Tips
1) You have options: There are always car-friendly pet carriers. Ones that are crates, others that you can buckle into your car, or you can always let your pet roam the back of the car. If you do though, I would suggest you add some sort of barrier between the passenger seats to the front so they don't end up distracting your driving.

2) Stop for breaks. As much as you need to stop for gas, stretching, and bathroom breaks, the pets do too. They always appreciate a quick stroll and bathroom release.

3) A nice comfortable foam SUV dog pad ($129) like the one I got from Just4MyPet. It's a convenient, expandable 36" x 40" x 2" thick foam bed that expands to 42" x 52". Fitting in the trunk of my SUV perfectly at the smaller size, it offers cushion and comfort for the pups not to mention, a great way to keep the fur off my upholstery. My favorite part is that it features water and hair-resistant nylon fabric. God knows how much JR sheds and this is amazing for it. Then, I can also unzip it and toss the cover in the wash. Not only that but personalization is always free at Just4MyPet for any of their products, so I was able to customize the thread color, font, and writing on my pad to suit my babes.
Pet SUV pad review
It came carefully curled in a cardboard box and expanded quickly out so I'd recommend opening the box in the car since it would've been a lot easier to carry out as a box instead of as the unfolded mat. The pups loved it though, so much that I was worried I wouldn't be able to take it out to the car. They settled right on it once I got it out of the box! Once I got it to the car though I'd find the pups would automatically head to the trunk when they were tired, nestle in and nap.

4) Collapsable water and food bowls for the mini food/water breaks.

5) Wet wipes to clean up the messes they may track in.

6) Long lasting treats to keep them occupied and happy.

What car travel tips for pets do you have?

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