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Get the coolest new portable #game with #Sifteo US/CAN 12/22 #holidaygiftguide

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I've recently discovered a neat, portable game that I'll be bringing with me during my travels with family this Christmas. It's called Sifteo and comes in the form of adorable little cubes that fit into the palm of my hand. Although for now, it seems to only be equipped with one player games, I hope to see the day when multiplayers can play interactively with these cubes.
Sifteo Cubes Review
The basic set comes with 3 cubes and a larger rectangular console. The Sifteo base kind of acts as the base to sense your cubes, you can always add additional cubes. The console is also your on/off switch, volume control and mic. Batteries are included! If you're curious though, it'll take you 5 AAA batteries to run the basic set, 2 in the base and 1 each in the cubes.
interactive gaming with Sifteo Cubes
The whole concept was quite interesting since you can shift, shake, move, tilt, flip the cubes every which way. It makes for quite the interactive experience. The game itself comes with 4 games already installed and you're able to purchase additional games ($8-$12) to download to the cubes. You install new games by connecting the Sifteo base to your computer via an USB cord.
games available for Sifteo Cubes
There were games addictive to all age groups. I was always a Ninja turtles fan so uh huh, I played that one first! By rotating and tilting the cubes, you move your turtle from one platform to another to get them into the manhole. The further you progress, the more you have to think. This will get the kids thinking and problem solving, while having fun.
puzzle games for SifteoTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Sifteo
For the littler kids, there's Cube Buddies to help fix faces. That just sounds weird when I write it but there's cute characters. The purpose is to help place the eyes, hair, lips, etc into the proper places. Pretty clever, huh? It'd also help to educate kids.
Then there's Word Caravan where you tilt the cubes as to spell a word correctly. All pretty educational stuff with puzzles infused with fun. Chroma Splash was interesting. My favorite may be the sandwich quest though. It's more challenging and would appeal to older age groups. It's challenging to line the cubes up as to provide a live map of where to go next. You move from screen to screen to complete quests.
Chroma Splash for Sifteoportable multi game systems
The worst game, possibly because it wasn't even a game, was Bliss Bomb. By putting the cubes together, you get different combos of light flashing. It's pretty pointless but I could see a few being amused with it for a short while.

Overall though, decent image quality and sound with interactive mind-stimulating games. Battery life was decent. I was able to get a good 1.5hours of play in without taking too much off the battery life. You can check the battery left in each cube which I found neat.

Sifteo is a great add to your portable games this holiday season. It'd be great for keeping everyone occupied during the travelling. I would say 3 cubes (the basic) is definitely enough to start play but for games like Sandwich Kingdom, additional cubes definitely made it easier on my life! They do plan on making multiplayer games which I'm looking forward to but for now, it's mostly single player games.

Buy It: Shop online for Sifteo. Use BloggerSpecial for 10% off. The basic package of 3 cubes, Sifteo base, 4 games (Code Cracker, Chroma Splash, Cube Buddies, & Word Caravan), USB cable, carrier, and an additional bonus free download of Sandwich Kingdom costs $129.95. Additional cubes cost $29.95. If you plan on getting additional cubes though, the 6-cube package may be for you because you get 3 additional cubes to the standard package for a total of $199.95.

Win It: One lucky WOS reader will win a set of Sifteo ($130) for themselves! Enter on the Giveaway Tools form below from Dec 7 10PM EST to Dec 22 11:59PM EST. Open to US/Canada, 18+. Good luck! Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.
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Unknown said...[Reply]

that's new by me! My lil' bro would love it!

Amiyrah said...[Reply]

I saw these at BlogHer. Was hoping to get some for the kids for Christmas, but they're not in our budget. Maybe in a few months!

Jennifer S. said...[Reply]

I saw them at BlogHer, too and they look like so much fun! I am coming back for that giveaway! :)

NenaS said...[Reply]

I learned that it won the "Best of What's New Award"

NenaS said...[Reply]

I think this is a game my entire family would enjoy playing! (And that's not easy, to find something we all like!)

Bee W Bedard said...[Reply]

I think all of us would really like this - thanks for the giveaway

Bee W Bedard said...[Reply]

That it is an award winning game

Unknown said...[Reply]

I learned that this is an award winning game and I know its something my grandchildren don't know about. Now wouldn't it be something if Mimi showed up with the new awesome gift of the year!Thanks for this giveaway.

Unknown said...[Reply]

It is very innovative. I like how you can tilt it to get through the menus. I watched the video and the games are really easy to download.

Unknown said...[Reply]

This sounds so fun!! A great way to keep the kids occupied on car trips and myself too.

smadrigal1976 said...[Reply]

This is a really cool item and I had never seen it before. I am very happy to learn about new technology.

smadrigal1976 said...[Reply]

These cubes are very fun and perfect for children who do not have anything in common together when together. I love how they can be connected and be a fun game.

Michele P. said...[Reply]

I have never seen this system before, thanks for the heads up and review, it certainly looks interesting!

debdenny said...[Reply]

This looks so useful for keeping the kiddies occupied.

Erin Slocum said...[Reply]

These look really neat!

Unknown said...[Reply]

these look so cool! my boys would love these :)

Coupons and Friends said...[Reply]

My son would love these, my daughter is getting pretty savvy too.

Oo La La Savings said...[Reply]

These look pretty cool!!

Kandi said...[Reply]

I am going to have to look into these!

Unknown said...[Reply]

These would have been great for our latest move!

Lesley said...[Reply]

This looks really cool! Thanks for the review :)

Sydney said...[Reply]

These look so awesome! I want to try them out they are so portable and cute!

jody cowan said...[Reply]

This new system sounds really neat. It's educational and fun and you can take it wherever you go. I love that!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love the educational aspect, my seven year old is into playing these games right now so this would be great to have!

Unknown said...[Reply]

One thing I learned from Sifteo is they are fairly new and have new games coming soon which is relief!

Bran said...[Reply]

These cubes look amazing. My boys would love these.

Bran said...[Reply]

I visited sifteo and learned that the cubes were based on play patterns of legos, building blocks, and domino tiles. I also learned that you can expand your set up to 12 cubes.

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