Sunday, November 20, 2011

#SmartBones Chews #Review -A delectable treat..


Okay, even our pets deserve Christmas presents! Can't leave them out of the I was very happy to be able to review SmartBones, the raw-hide alternative that has all the benefits of raw hide but without the raw-hide chew. I can tell you now, my baby loves all sorts of chews...sometimes I wonder if she thinks her chew toys are edible as well...

SmartBones are made with real, dried chicken breast wrapped in a grain-based outer chew, and is the first chew of its kind to have vitamins and minerals in it. These chews are over 99% digestible and we all know that chewing activity helps to promote healthy dental care. I was sent a pack of Peanut Butter Smart Bones in size small to review. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sized dogs. I have to admit, I was very curious how my baby would react to her early Christmas present given that tests show that 9 out of 10 dogs prefer SmartBones chews over the leading rawhide chews.

So, she started sniffing the bag as soon as I'd pulled it out of the envelope and when I gave it to her, her tail wouldn't stop wagging! Then I was mean, I'd pretend to take it away by approaching her and putting my finger on the SmartBone and she'd give me these big puppy dog eyes. Haha, watch the video. You'll know what I mean.
Anyhow, she eventually had some of it and I was happy she was enjoying her treat. Little did I know that when we went to bed that night, we'd discover her partially eaten SmartBone lying in my SO's blankets. Oh, and she protected it too as soon as she thought we'd take it. I eventually had to move it somewhere safe until the next day. And of course, she devoured it as soon as she woke up. I'd love to let her try out the other flavors.

Buy ItShop online for your own SmartBones. A 6-pack of Peanut Butter SmartBones in size small for dogs 11-20lbs costs $12.99.

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