Sunday, November 6, 2011

#Nonni's #Biscotti #Review

I was sent several Biscotti products from Nonni's to review. They looked so elegant, from the pictures on the packaging itself down to the very Biscotti. I know it sounds weird but I thought I was dining on some high-class snacks, LOL. Nonni's Biscotti originated all the way from Lucca, a gorgeous town in Italy that I have always wanted to visit. It involves a Grandma (Nonni) creating a biscotti to share with her family and friends and when Nonni arrived in America almost a century ago, she brought this family recipe with her.
Even today, the same family recipe using real eggs, butter and gourmet bittersweet chocolate creates a biscotti that has a light, crunchy texture while being mildy sweet but with the ever so delicious scent and taste of almonds. And oh my gosh, were they ever so delicious even alone. Traditionally, biscotti are served with a drink so that you can dunk the biscotti in. Typical drinks include coffee, cappuccino or lattes...some even use sweet dessert wines! Isn't that neat? I'm getting educated on Italian culture.

Anyhow, Nonni's Biscotti come either as individually wrapped packages or as a bag full of biscotti bites. Did I mention there's a bunch of different flavors too? I was sent Cioccolati, Classic Almond, Originali, and Decadence to try. However, there are more flavors available and I really want to try them all! Its a great snack for break time. I can already imagine myself relaxing with a cup of cappuccino and my Nonni's Biscotti. Its time for my mind to take a "mini trip" to Lucca. How about you?

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