Thursday, November 17, 2011

#ChickenSoup for the Soul: #Devotional Stories for Tough Times #Review

Chicken Soup for the Soul has sent me Devotional Stories for Tough Times for review this time. I had received it a little while ago and hadn't had a chance to pick it up. I almost think it was fate that led me to grab it to read today. Yesterday, I was hit with a little bit of upsetting news. I told myself its only a little slip and fall, just pick yourself up and keep going. I admit that what happened really sucks and since there was nothing I could do to change that fact, I would just continue to march forward and better myself for the next round. Sorry, I know its vague...but I just don't feel like getting into it.

101 daily devotions to inspire and support you in times of need is right! Written so that people may find comfort, inspiration and wisdom to help people through tough times and trials in your life. I picked it up today and coincidentally flipped to "So Much to Live For". It details a story of how a little boy was in an accident after being hit by a trunk and was now in a coma. His mother thought that was no way for him to live and had prepared herself to kill him and then herself. However, fate intertwines and a paraplegic chaplan at the hospital rolls in telling his story and why he decided to continue living. This changed everything. Several years later, the boy is alive and quadriplegic with the cognitive function of a 3 year old. However, he is happy. They run into the chaplan again at the hospital and she confessed to what could've transpired years ago. He goes on to say that he was about to quit his job because he didn't think he was making a difference; this changes it all.

Well, my situation wasn't a life or death situation. If people who have lost so much can pick things up and continue on living, then I can too push forward and hopefully, do better next time. :) Its very much a good read and even if you aren't a believer, it's still good, touching stories that may inspire you. I think this would be a great stocking stuffer for those in your life. 

Buy ItShop online for Chicken Soup for the Soul books or look in your local bookstore. This particular book retails for $14.95US/16.95Cdn.

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