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Must see #Maleficent Bonus Content #DisneyInHomeEvent #sp

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The elegant and regal, perhaps not so evil, Maleficent arrives in homes November 4th. I absolutely love the story behind Maleficent, the untold story of how things truly happened. How Maleficent's pure heart was corrupted and became ever so black, yet held onto some of her pureness. How love can appear in all shapes, sizes and forms. The movie is a must-add addition to any Disney collector's movie library in conjunction with Sleeping Beauty, that's already in stores. While Maleficent is truly a magnificent movie, the bonus features aren't to be missed.

Bonus features in Maleficent Blu-ray include:
-Deleted scenes
-Aurora: Becoming a Beauty
-From Fairy Tale to Feature Film -How they decided to reimagine Maleficent for our new generation (see hints of it in our upcoming post -interview with Executive Producer Don Hahn).
-Building an Epic Battle -No good film is without a great battle, right? Watch how they created the clash between Maleficent and King Henry's forces.
-Classic Couture -Fashionistas must see -Maleficent's head wraps and jewelry.
-Maleficent Revealed -The many layers of special effects that went into the production of this spellbinding movie.
#Maleficent bonus content brings even more substance to the magnificent film
One of my favorite features Aurora: Becoming a Beauty is also on the DVD version. Elle Fanning shows her love for Disney's original animated classic, Sleeping Beauty. Elle incorporated mannerism from the classic into her role in Maleficent, while Angelina Jolie and more rave about how perfectly suited for Aurora she was. What I loved about it was the revealing fact that Aurora wasn't just a princess that loved flowers. She had substance, character, loyalty, and guts.

Watching these bonus features only gave the film that much more intrigue and value. It wasn't just about Sleeping Beauty sleeping through the whole movie. That'd be awful boring, wouldn't it? Instead, we get to see many different sides of Maleficent and Aurora, their interactions, and the changes that occur in both of their lives, as they find who they truly are.

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