Friday, May 16, 2014

Inspirational based-on-true-story #MillionDollarArm is a must see for #sports fans and #movie goers alike

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#MillionDollarArm movie Review
If there's one type of movie my hubby loves the best, it's the based on true story ones. They also happen to be sports-related. With Million Dollar Arm, you get both of those and so it became our date-night movie. Have you heard of Disney's Million Dollar Arm? Long story short, it retells the story of JB Bernstein’s career as a sports agent. The entire fate of his career depends on finding an exceptionally gifted young cricket pitcher in India, who can be trained for an American major league baseball team.

The movie is packed with genuine moments of emotion that draw you in and make you raw with emotion at parts. At the same time, there's smartly inserted moments of comedy and laughter. "We call that...the Flamingo!" Teehee, you'll have to watch it to get it.
Jon Hamm plays the role of JB Bernstein. It really was quite enjoyable. We loved the story of the underdog, the journey, seeing the beautiful parts of India. While watching the movie, I would find myself getting angry at JB Bernstein when he was being a downright jerk. Uh yes, I know it's a movie, but it's also based on a true story so it was nice to watch his transformation with "Miss Brenda" and see him develop as a person.

It's also inspiring to see the development of 2 young men who come from very different circumstances get a chance in life and develop a dream of their own, changing both their world and everyone in their lives. I found myself rooting for Rinku and Dinesh from the beginning.

Botom line: It's a heartwarming and fun movie great for family nights or date nights! And it comes out today!

Check out the featurettes below and you'll see what I mean.
"We Might Have to Tweak That"
"Lefty With Juice"
"Your Porche Looks Like a Mini Van”
Dreams Featurette

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