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Bwahaha, when I saw the massive panda at Toy Fair, I was so hooked! It was Silly Scanda from the Scanimalz crew. Well, he's now joined me in a new generation of collectable games and fun.

The concept is rather simple. You download the free app, purchase as many of the Scanimalz as you'd like and once you've scanned them in via the hidden QR code attached, you play games with them to collect points (otherwise known as scantz). Each Scanimalz will run you about $9.99 but they are irresistibly cute! How am I supposed to say no to those plush faces?! I would love to have one each of Wave 1's characters!

You can also play the games with the Beta Bear Green but will only be able to play and earn bonus points if you choose the unlocked character. Once you finish a level, it asks you to scan the QR code on the belly for bonus points. Might I say, those games are addictive too!
Silly Scanda, new collectible game
Compatible with iOS, Android smartphones or tablets, I do see these becoming a hit this year. Have you taken a look at the line? It makes me want to collect all of them! The only cleaning method they recommend for the Scanimalz though is to lightly wipe it down with light soap on a damp cloth first and then a non-soapy damp cloth. I love the idea but do wish they could be cleaned more thoroughly since I can see kids wanting to take their buddies with them everywhere!

Scanimalz weren't the only thing catching my attention though. I am a huge fan of Lite Brix because they combine my love of building with bright, colorful lights. They recently launched a Lite Brix Sunset Island line geared towards girls and had sent me one of the items from that line. It's the LiteUp Sparkle Salon. I love the creativity of finding themes that girls like to encourage them to build and play, but I'd also like to see sets for girls who love adventure and fun and not just beauty and fashion. There's nothing wrong with those but I think this is a good start. I drool over the Lite Brix Motorcycle and would love to have that but maybe that's just me?

The set includes parts and pieces to build the Sparkle Salon and Kaylee. There's even interchangeable accessories for Kaylee to use, including different color lipsticks, hair brushes, mirrors, etc. Recommended for ages 6+, I would still recommend adult assistance to help build and apply the stickers.
Girls Lite Brix collection
The fun thing with Lite Brix is that they are compatible with other major brick building systems. In simple words, you can build it and integrate with other systems so you can really make whatever you want. You don't necessarily have to follow their instructions and viola, you'll still end up with a play set that lights up! The finished product? Well, I've decided not to show you because I want to encourage girls to get out there and build!

It's important to know that not every brick lights up and really the ones that do are limited in the set. In this current set, there were only 8 lite brix, bright LED lights that cycle through four colors to illuminate the play set. All run off connectors and 1 battery block that requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included). You'll also need a small screwdriver to access the battery compartment. With 41 special shaped parts, 8 lite brix, 1 doll and 155 brick blocks, it's definitely a fun build. These sets retail for $39.99.

Point is...I love the idea of these toys. Scanimalz, despite being a game, kind of encourages one to take care of their Scanimalz. Lite Brix encourages girls to build blocks and start venturing out of the girly girl zone. Well, salons and whatnot are still quite girly but hey, if it attracts them to build, that's fine. The next step could be the robot and car Lite Brix (which are gender neutral IMO) that I love.

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