Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How well do you sleep? #Sleep Tips for a better night! #NSAmbassador

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Tips for better sleep
Oh, how I love sleep and how I lack it. It's almost sad how little sleep I get lately. So it's even more important that I sleep well when I do. After all, our daily performance is correlated with our sleep.

It's time to rejuvenate and refresh our systems. The time for our brains to reset and reboot...you get the drift. So how well do you sleep?

I used to sleep on this 3" tall twin mattress and then I had it elevated with another thin mattress. When guests came though, I'd give them one of those mattresses to sleep on. Boy oh boy, did I ever feel the wood underneath then. It was actually painful and not really a wonder that I would wake up with back pain.

Since then, I've switched mattresses...I've got a decently comfortable and large queen mattress but something was still off. Despite my awesome Nature's Sleep memory foam Pillow which saved me from my neck pain, I still had terrible sleep. I think I could use a Nature's Sleep mattress!

Well, in the meantime though, I have to cope. Here are my general tips for better sleep!
1) Exercise earlier in the day versus later. Working out earlier in the day wakes you up and actually helps you to sleep at night. Working out too late in the day makes it harder to sleep.
2) Cut the caffeine early in the afternoon.
3) Keep a good sleeping schedule. Your body's internal clock is set to sleep at night. When you mess with your internal clocks, you'll feel tired even if you're sleeping other hours. This can be tough if you work nights. I typically keep my blinds down if I have to switch up my clock.
4) Don't eat too much or too little before bed. The key is moderation. If you're too stuffed, the discomfort can keep you up. The same goes for the opposite.
5) Settle yourself into bed. Don't do things that stress you out right before bed. Instead, do activities that wind you down or better yet, keep work outside of the bedroom. That way, you won't associate work with sleep and you'll sleep better too.
6) Get a big enough bed to sleep in. In our twin bed, the pups and us often led to uncomfortable sleep since I couldn't even lie straight most nights.
7) Get a comfortable bed!
Nature's Sleep
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See what Nature's Sleep has to offer you, and shop now.

What tips do you have?

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