Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In love with the #SwifferEffect couple!

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Lately, when I flip the TV on, I've seen this adorable old couple that tugs at my heart strings. I've got a soft spot for little old ladies and little old men. Don't ask me why but they're incredibly cute. They have that kind of relationship that you always wish you could have when you grew up. The one couple that lasted all those years together and are still full of love for each other. Is that the thought of a hopeless romantic? I always thought I'd find my one to love forever.

It's definitely possible if you take a look this clip of Morty and Lee. This adorable 90 year old couple still has as much love today as they did 40 some years ago. They're so down to earth and so much like you and me. Which is probably why they're so amusing to watch!

Morty, of course, is ever so helpful around the house, just like he was years ago. Lee, in her tiny body, cleans as much as she can but with aging, things are harder. Then one day, a PG box filled with goodies arrive, making the cleaning easier, safer, maybe even funner for Lee.
The TV commercials are shorter clips but I find myself glued to the TV everytime they come on. So ridiculously personable. This couple is awesome! Have you seen their clips yet? I think my new place needs a LOT of #SwifferEffect love...LOL!


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