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DGP for pets review
JR & BabyPom: You're probably wondering why do we need to take joint care medication. We're still fairly young! Here's the's not just older dogs and cats that have joint problems...

BabyPom: We both have subluxating patellas. Sometimes, JR's back legs get weak too so it's good to nourish and protect our joints before we get old. That way, we're thinking ahead and minimizing the damage.

JR: DGP for pets is a natural remedy that includes active ingredients like 300mg of Marine Collagen Extract, 30mg of Boswellia Extract, 25mg of Corydalis Root, 20mg of Wheatgrass, 15mg of Turmeric, 6mg of Fever Few Extract, 3mg of Celery Seed Extract, 130mg proprietary blend (of Mucopolysaccharide Complex, Malt Extract, Wild Rosella, Capsicum, Aniseed Myrtle, Mountain Pepper), and 60mg proprietary enzyme blend (of Bromelain 2400GDU & Papain 6000). It's all natural stuff and it's helps support our joint mobility and flexibility.

BabyPom: 1 tablet for every 30lbs of body weight can help to ease aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity, and training. With all the running that we do, we put a lot of stress on our joints and this is supposed to help. For me though, I only need half a tablet.

JR: Look at all this cool information I found out about them.
-Developed by master herbalists and scientists in Australia, this unique, proprietary combination of natural compounds helps support mobility, even into a pet's golden years.
-DGP is made with the finest ingredients to support a dog's mobility, without side effects, and every ingredient has the highest levels of actives and bioavailability, so a pet readily and fully absorbs the benefits of DGP.
-DGP works fast (1 week) in comparison to glucosamine & chondroitin (up to 6 months).
JR & BabyPom: It also has ingredients that support the nervous system, gastrointestinal, skeletal and immune health. Does that mean we get smarter from this? Their research has shown that DGP for pets works for dogs and cats and is safe for long-term usage. No side effects, BOL!
BabyPom: The beef flavor's quite nice for me but JR took a bit to get used to the flavor.

JR: We are pretty agile normally so if anything, we hope that it helps our recovery after training. In any case, that may mean I'm not splayed on the ground forever after our runs. And that I get to hunt BabyPom more often. BOL! The important thing though is that we're using it more for preventative care and exercise recovery.

JR & BabyPom: It's some good stuff! Check out their facebook page for the DGP Video Contest, where you can win a year's supply of DGP! Submit a video of your dog BEFORE using DGP to (raw footage or YouTube link). Then, give your dog DGP for at least a week, and submit a new video of your dog doing similar activities. The video with the most likes will wins. You have until September to enter. In the meantime, how would you like to enter to win 2 bottles of DGP?
DGP contest
Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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