Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#LoneRanger conquers the wild wild west! #spoilerfree #movie #reviews

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spoiler free review of Disney's The Lone Ranger, #LoneRanger
Who loves movies of the wild wild west? *hand flies up* There's something intriguing and ridiculously romantic about those old western flicks.

From all the clips and trailers I'd watched leading up to the movie, I expected an adventure for justice. What I didn't expect though was the way the story was told. It was somewhat surprising but it wasn't bad either.

Johnny Depp plays a very odd Tonto, almost as if there are a few screws loose. It did bother me a bit that his character would at times leave questions unanswered and just changed the topic. But oddly enough, it fit his character perfectly. I will say though, he was hilarious and played a better Tonto then I ever thought he would. Great humor interjected at the right moments.

The old western style saloon/brothel run by Red, played by Helena Bonham Carter, appealed to me for some reason. As did, Ruth Wilson as Rebecca Reid. Two very different women, different lifestyles, but yet very strong-willed and determined women with quite a bit of sass.

Armie Hammer is the Lone Ranger and well, he goes through some rough patches, to put it lightly. He's kind of the naive nerd who believes in going by the book and boy, was he ever wrong.

The movie's all action and fun and great for the teens and adult crowd. There are a few scenes that may be harder to stomach for the younger folk so I'd recommend this one for date night! Hubby missed out on it because he was exhausted and not feeling well, and now he's regretting it. Teehee, so I'll have to take him again.

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