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Dyson vacuum
Well, its already known that back home, there are 2 vacuums at least 8 years or older, possibly 10 years. Granted they are old so they are ridiculously loud and well, as the testing team found, useless. I can't tell you how excited they were when they found out they would be testing out a Dyson vacuum. Know why? They had heard that if you wanted a great vacuum, Dyson's were the best.
Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Review
The angle it moves at is just
amazing!! Steady but flexible.
Let's talk briefly about Dyson vacuum models. To make it simple, if you're looking for a pet friendly solution, choose one that has ANIMAL in the name. Since we had 1 dog, and now 2...it seemed to be the perfect choice. Let's just say the testing team were more than pleased to be able to review the DYSON DC 25 Animal.

Here are some features of the Dyson DC25 Animal and some quick comments:
-Dyson Ball™ technology for easy steering: Did you see the above picture? The angles this vacuum can adjust to is no joke. It easily reaches hard to reach areas like under coffee tables, the air vents, and the little ledges under cabinets.
-Root Cyclone™ technology at 220 Air Watts: There's no loss of this powerful suction as you vacuum.
-Certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Society of Canada™
-Lightweight: At 7.33kg/16.1 lbs, the testing team found it to be easy to use.
-Made from ABS and polycarbonate materials: This materials are used in the production of crash helmets, which is probably why the testing crew said the Dyson actually looked built to last. They were quite pleased with how durable the components were.
-Mini Turbine Head: To clean pet hair & dirt from confined spaces
-No extra costs: Bagless, washable HEPA filter and free shipping. This was a complete bonus. The thought of never needing to buy more vacuum bags and replace filters really saves money in the long run.
-5 year warranty for parts and labor
-Quick-draw Telescope Reach™ wand: This was something the testing team loved. We have 9'  ceilings and they loved how the wand could reach all the way up to the ceiling and clean off all that dust!
-Bin capacity at 1.38 L: This large-sized bin is super convenient and the emptying mechanism was another favorite point. The fact that its a trigger-emptying mechanism where you don't have to dirty your hands made everyone on the testing team happy. This is also something that helps with asthmatics and allergies, less dust and allergen exposure means less problems!
-Included Accessories: Mini turbine head, Flat Out™ floor tool, Combination tool, Crevice tool, Stiff Bristle Brush, Stair tool
-Dimensions: H 42.4" x W 14.4" x D 12.2"
-Max. reach: 12.23 m/40.12ft
-Cord length: 7.48 m/ 24.54ft

Okay, here comes the meat of the review so you'll want to pay attention. Check out the review video below for more visuals. The power on this thing is amazing. Originally, I was going to write a follow-up post when the dogs go home in several months but now, it might not even be needed. This thing is so amazing and is for all household floors plus pet hair. Our old vacuums sucked so much that there was still dog hair from several months ago and the DC25 Animal was able to pick it up. Do you know how shocked the testing team was to see the dog hair in the dust bin? Its important to know that they vacuum regularly but the old vacuums just weren't able to pick it up. They loved everything about the dust bin from the easy trigger mechanism to the easy emptying to the fact that there was no need to touch the dirt/dust in the bin.

In terms of manueverability, as I already mentioned above, it was so easy for everyone to use and it adjusts to all sorts of angles! This household cleaner is great at saving money too once you get past the initial investment. Despite an initial cost of $599, you won't have to worry about buying more vacuum bags or replacing filters ever again. The telescoping wand was another favorite as it could reach the ceiling and clean off those dusty corners. In terms of noise levels, this was probably a moderate level of noise; this was the only semi-complaint I ever heard from the testing team.
Bottom-line: This is a superb vacuum cleaner and well worth the price. Sure, its a bit intimidating at $599 but if you catch it on a sale, it's something you can't pass up! If you think of the filter replacements and vacuum bags you have to purchase with other vacuum cleaners, it'll probably add up to the same price within several years. If there's one thing I know for sure, it definitely looks and feels like its built to last and it WILL do its job and more.

Buy ItShop online at Dyson or in stores nationwide at Future Shop, Sears, Home Outfitters, The Bay and all authorized independent retailers for your Dyson vacuum. The Dyson DC25 Animal sells at a suggested retail of $599.

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Thanks you for the links, I will look forward.

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I WISH I could have a Dyson!!!

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zcb257 said...[Reply]

I have a Dyson, it is about 10 yrs old and still working as great as when I first got it. I have two long haired dogs, and 3 long haired cats that ALL shed like no tomorrow. I have no idea what I'd do without it!!

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I good vacuum cleaner is a MUST when you have children and pets. This looks like a great one! Great little video review.

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I would love to have a dyson...great review!

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I have a central vac but if anything were to ever happen to it, I would go with a dyson! Plus the commercials are so cool! lol. Visiting you from the Sass hop.

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