Sunday, January 22, 2012

#Nutrisystem Week 2 Results #NSNation

I'm now nearing the end of Week 2 of my Nutrisystem plan! Err, I am in love with my Nutrisystem Blender Bottle! Its just the most convenient thing. Measuring cup, drink mixer, portable bottle...all in one. Okay, now that I've gotten that out, let's get on with the progress.
OMG...this was amazingly good!
This week was much better. I am adhering more to the meals and adding appropriate foods. Let's say I'm getting more used to the smaller portions and eating at multiple times of the day. The small portions are now filling me and leaving me satisfied. I'm also drinking more water. When I first started, it'd be 5-6 glasses a day. Now, I'm average 8-10 glasses depending on the day. Water is a really good thing to keep you full in between meals. Not to mention, its 0 calories!

Current limitations? I was doing good all week until I hit yesterday when we decided to order BBQ and I had some ribs...I was initially losing 2+ lbs this week until that meal. Ahh, I must stick to my meals! Nutrisystem's food is surprisingly good. The SO at first didn't believe me, then he tried some and ended up liking it and started to eat some of it as well. Problem is, he's not actually on Nutrisystem so that leads to two problems: 1) he's eating my food and 2) the more important thing, he tempts me bad when he wants to eat KFC, BBQ Ribs, and all sorts of goodies. All while saying, he wants to lose weight too. The irony of it...LOL, if only he could do Nutrisystem with me. That would help tremendously!

Yes, I know I
look silly. :)
They've also fixed my online tracking system to a point where my goals are now set properly and my starting weight is much closer to my beginning. :) So, I'm happy! Here's a recent picture of me in the Halloween costume I got this past year. This is the same size I was before I started Nutrisystem. How much do you think I weigh? I'm considering putting my actual weight down for you, maybe next week. Oh, and I've decided to go by the starting weight they've put in for me so that I don't have to do the calculations all the time since its not that big of a difference.
Week 1: -1.9lb
Week 2: -2.0lb
Current totals: -3.9lb

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Caryn B. said...[Reply]

Very interesting because I'm trying to lose that last 20 pounds but haven't really found a "diet" that's worked. I need to read your first post b/c I wonder how the food tastes and how expensive it is. Thanks!

Lolly said...[Reply]

I am so excited to join the Nutrisystem Nation. Looks like you are being successful at it. I only hope I can do as well. I have 100 pounds to lose.

Susie B. Homemaker said...[Reply]

Congrats on losing weight! You really don't look like you need to lose much in the picture. I have a pretty small frame but still need to tone up after having 3 kids.

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

Um, why are you hiding your face? :) Good luck with Nutrisystem and congrats on your weight loss!

Michele said...[Reply]

Congrats on making it through week #2. Keep up the good work!


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