Thursday, January 26, 2012

#AmazingMat #Review: Keep the dirt at the door


Are you sick of the dirt everyone tracks into your home? I am...let me tell you why. With two dogs who both love their walks, they step in all sorts of stuff when they're outside. My JR in particular loves all the grass/dirt and all that fun stuff. Did I mention, they also love to run? And so, on rainy days, mud, dirt, and all sorts of fun stuff gets stuck to their paws. What do they do when they get home? JR peels up and down the hallways and then ends up jumping into my bed. The baby Pom follows his big sis around except that he can't make it up to the bed. now I have all this dirt tracked everywhere!

Guilty party #2, my SO...he loves wearing his shoes indoors. Drives me crazy!! He wears these same shoes outside so all the garbage from outside gets tracked in. Hate it... So now that I've whined and complained, obviously, there's a solution right? You got it!
Pardon the lighting...its not so
good in my hallway :)
The Amazing Mat is a multi-layered doormat that comes in 6 different designs and thin, clear, eco-friendly sheets that lie overtop. This adhesive uses the same anti-bacterial adhesive as NASA so that it traps all the dirt from your shoes onto the mat, saving your home from all sorts of germs, bacteria, mold, pollen, fungus that everyone who walks through the front door is carrying.
See all the shoe prints??
Each mat comes with 30 adhesive sheets and they're numbered so that when the top sheet is dirty, you can just peel it of and start fresh.  Personally, I think the numbers help with the peeling. If you put your hand on the adhesive, it really doesn't feel sticky but it works. Check out the pic 3-4 days after I set it down and the top sheet is already filthy. I have to admit I was slightly surprised by the plastic nature of the mat. LOL, my assumption was that a doormat is usually carpet-like in nature so I was very surprised when it came as a large plastic board. It still looks great though and I love the design I chose. The Amazing Mat has been quite pleasant to use and now I know the germs, bacteria, and dirt doesn't get beyond the door...well, the door mat!

Buy It: Shop online for The Amazing Mat. Choose from 6 designs for $39.95, currently at promo intro price of $29.95. Refill sheets comes in packages of 30, 1 pack is $19.95 and 3 packs are $29.95. Use SHIPNOW for free shipping and handling.

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Unknown said...[Reply]

With 2 kids and 2 dogs, not to mention hubby walking in after working in the field... this is a terrific idea! I want one for my kitchen entry

Megan said...[Reply]

Does it get slippery if it's raining outside and people track water on it?

polly said...[Reply]

i like the different prints they come in...looks like it is a great mat to have!

desitheblonde said...[Reply]

we sure like this beacuse we track in a lot of durst and leave and stuff form the breeze way

Aranda said...[Reply]

This would be awesome since we don't have any floor mats!

Aranda Gibbs

Victoria R. said...[Reply]

I've never thought about bottom-of-shoe germs but I'm glad Amazing Mat did! I don't even want to think about everything we track in! This is ingenious!

Suchaproudmama said...[Reply]

This is awesome! I have 3 little boys who love to be outside so this would be great when coming back in! Thank you!

laurasloves said...[Reply]

I love these mats. I never really thought about the bottom-of shoes germs either and as a cleaning germ fanatic I am so in love with these mats and what they can do!
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

Sasha said...[Reply]

That mat is so cute and I love that it's eco-friendly!! Thanks for the review, I'll be checking them out :)

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