Thursday, January 19, 2012

#Sensa -The Verdict...#Weightloss solution?

If you remember, I've been trying Sensa, a doctor-formulated weight loss system. If you want to read on my thoughts of my second week, you can read them here. As a quick refresher, I was sent 2 months supply of Sensa, a box of Sensa Quench, and a packet of Sensa Chews to try.
My SO has been "borrowing" the Sensa but I have been a little more conscious of trying to remember to use the sprinklers and try to put it on the table before we set down our food. Its all so I can remember to sprinkle for him. He enjoys the system as well but he's iffy towards the chews unlike me. He does, however, enjoy the pink grapefruit drink. In terms of weight loss, I always fluctuate around the 5lb mark every week and so to be consistently at one weight is a really hard feat for me. However, since I've started using Sensa, my progress to date is that I seem to be keeping off about 3lbs.

I was going to make the suggestion that the compartments shouldn't be equal sized because on a day to day basis, I feel that people often eat salty foods more than sweets. However, before I was set in my ways I decided to open up the container to see if they had already thought of that. Viola, check out the container. :) They already have a bigger salty compartment vs sweet.

To be honest though, based on their history and research done, it appears as though you will have to do the 6 month course to get maximum results. With 2 months supply, I really don't know how much one will lose or accomplish. At any rate, its not going to be the 30lbs that 6 month users are averaged to get. My final thoughts? The system is worth a try since you are able to eat the foods you want while suppressing your appetite; its really a unique type of "diet". It's nice to not have to restrict the type of foods and a 2 month free trial won't hurt either. However, if you are looking for sustained results, I think the 6 month program would be best.

Buy It: Shop online for Sensa products. Use this link to get 2 free months ($120 value), just pay S&H. The 30 pack of Sensa chews and Sensa Quench are $29.95 each. 

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