Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's play with our #iphone in the water! #DryCase #Review


Let me tell you something...before you dunk someone's phone in water, tell them first? Or maybe not, or else they may just kill you. LOL! I had a lot of fun with this review and got in a lot of trouble too. I love travelling and it always kills me when I can't take pictures under water or chill on the beach with my phone/music because I worry about dropping it into the water. It happened to one of my buddies once. We were all on those water boats and driving around like maniacs trying to film the swirls we made in the gorgeous emerald colored water and "plop!" went his camera.

We were able to get it back but it was soaked and I can't remember if we were even able to get it to work again after it dried off. This is where Dry Case comes in. If we had it, the camera would've been waterproof up to 100 feet by the power of vacuum technology!

First, I tested out the vacuum seal for over 10 minutes to make sure that there was no air leak after everything was sealed. By the way, I used my SO's phone since I was using mine to take the pictures...LOL, bad mistake! Then I dunked it into about 1-2" of water in the sink and kinda left it there for a bit. But as you can see, the Dry Case vacuum seal stayed and no water got in. Someone was very upset at me for a bit because I used their phone...but was happy that nothing happened. :)

I love how the case is clear and so you can still play with your phone, camera or music player's touch screens and take pictures. There's also an armband that comes with it so you can keep the Dry Case secure on you. This is so sweet! I need to take this with me on vacation next time if my family doesn't steal it from me first! I would love to have a pair of their waterproof stereo headphones to go along with this!

Buy It: Shop online for Dry Case products. Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera, and mp3 Player case sells for $39.99. There's also products for your tablets!

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Unknown said...[Reply]

Oooh! Perfect for when hubby is deployed and I'm doing the "keep my phone on me at all times" bit!

Megan said...[Reply]

That would also be great for fairs/theme parks where you go through those misters - you wouldn't have to remember to hand your phone or camera to someone!

polly said...[Reply]

this will be great to have....always worry about getting my phone wet!

desitheblonde said...[Reply]

i now this would be great for my kindle i carry it out and have to worry aobuth the rain

Aranda said...[Reply]

I love that this is waterproof, I dropped my old phone in 6 inches of water (bathtub) surprisingly it worked with no issue, but this would come in handy for me.
Aranda Gibbs

Victoria R. said...[Reply]

I might have just had a minor heart attack realizing this exists! Ingenious! We spend so much time on the water and I have lost too many phones to count! Love this!

e-mail: gildedaged (at) gmail (dot) com

Suchaproudmama said...[Reply]

I need this soooo bad! My kids always get ahold of my phone no matter where i hide it & im always afraid they are gonna throw it in the sink or something! This would be perfect for me!
Thank you!

Sasha said...[Reply]

I need this!! Thanks for the review, I will check them out :)

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