Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions and a bit of news...#NSNation

Let's talk about resolutions. With the new year, we always set resolutions and I've been sharing some of mine these past several posts. However, there is always 1 resolution I will set every single year, usually multiple times throughout the year and still fail...or I'll be doing good and then kind of fall off the wagon. Have you guessed what that resolution is yet? I'll give you a hint, we all go through it!

Weight loss is such a hard thing to deal with. I honestly fluctuate 5lbs every week. You get that high when you lose a couple and then the disappointment when you gain it back. However, this year, I have a bit of help and will be able to tell you what and if certain systems work. I've already been using Sensa for several weeks now and I am now also a Nutrisystem blogger!! How exciting is that? To be honest, I've always been curious how these weight loss/diet programs work and I'm sure with the New Year, you're all curious too. So follow along with my 4 month journey or join in and we can work on making our goals a little more reachable.

I don't necessarily consider myself fat nor thin. I know my BMI is slightly above average and I was going to take a before picture for you but my SO was adamantly against it so unfortunately that may not happen since I do need him to take the pic for me. LOL. However, I know this is definitely not the thinnest I've been and I've always had big hips, thighs and my adorable muffin top that I absolutely detest so I could use some help. My goal is to lose 25-30lbs but I'd like to stay healthy and not go on a crazy binge diet. So, are you ready to follow along?

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