Friday, October 7, 2011

PRE "to GO" Synbiotic #Drinks Mixes and Probiotic Drinks #Review

With my current career path, I try my best to stay healthy but sometimes its not as easy as I'd like. So I was very fortunate to be able to get some help from PRE Beverages. I was sent a variety of Prebiotic Drinks and some Pre "to Go" for review.

So, let's start with the basics. I'm all for Probiotics since they are supposed to help to promote the growth of probiotics (good bacteria) that are already in our intestinal tract. As a result, our immune system improves due to the increase in good bacteria that helps to defend us from the bad bacteria. That's the basic idea anyways in all of PRE Beverages.

The Prebiotic drinks are a PRE Probiotic enhancer, which combines organic juice enhanced with Jarrow Formulas' prebiotic health blend. They're made with organic cane sugar and is less than 60 calories per serving. My very first Prebiotic Drink was Acai Cherry. I was kind of surprised as it tasted a bit like cough syrup, which is weird because I actually like Acai flavored things normally. However, I was very happy to taste the following flavors since all of them were very yummy, putting that so so experience behind me. They made for good drinks on the go. I was actually bringing a bottle to work every day, since I'm super stressed out and wanted to make sure that my immune system held up for everything that I've signed up for.

PRE Probiotic Enhancer ZERO is exactly as it sounds. The same as the previous but with "0" calories. Gotta love it!! Low calorie drinks that improve your health? Pick me, pick me! I thoroughly enjoyed these and my favorite was the Mango Peach. And, if you're on the run, or if you don't have room to carry them around with you, grab the PRE "to Go" Mixes which are the flavored pouches that you mix into bottled water and viola, same result. These have only 20 calories per serving. The other great thing about PRE Drinks are that they have fiber in them so it really helps with your digestive health. I wish I had more, it fits into my crazy schedule perfectly!

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Anonymous said...[Reply]

These sound healthy and delicious! I enjoyed your review ヅ

Dee W said...[Reply]

Great review. I definitely want to try these. I love that they have 0 calories. I tend to drink a lot of my calories so these would be a great substitute to what I usually drink.

Marthalynn said...[Reply]

What a generous giveaway! These sound fantastic.

Sherry said...[Reply]

I enjoyed your review. These sound like they will be very good and I like that they're only 20 calories per serving and have fiber in them.

latanya t said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great combination with flavors, high fiber, and low calories. Great review.

polly said...[Reply]

thanks for the honest review...i'll have to try these! love that they are only 20 calories!

Unknown said...[Reply]

These sound like something I would love to try!Thanks for the review!

Huguette En said...[Reply]

Sounds great. I drink a lot of water but sometimes would love something with taste that would also be good for me.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This looks like something I would love to try. The flavors are ones that I would really like!

LJ13 said...[Reply]

I would love to try these as a good healthful drink :)

Rebecca Shockley said...[Reply]

Your review was great although the cough syrup comment scared me a little, lol.

*Brittany C* said...[Reply]

MM.. Refreshing! I could drink one now!
Thanks for your review!

Paol Trenny said...[Reply]

I am looking for a great workout recovery drink and this sounds interesting - (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

Farrah Shumway said...[Reply]

Wow, these sound very handy, healthy, & helpful in a hurry. I have never heard of them before but would love to try them, especially the low calorie ones. Well they're all low calorie but I mean the really low :) I'm also happy to hear that they are very tasty too. Thanks for this review!

Happy Camper said...[Reply]

These look amazing and I know I never get enough water so they'd be great for me.
Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

Jessica Peeling said...[Reply]

These look awesome - low cal, and the fiber!

carolwegs said...[Reply]

These look so good!!!!
carolwegs at gmail dot com

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