Monday, October 10, 2011

#Cardio in a Box & Juggle Your Way to #Fitness #Review

As most of you know by now, I'm big on fitness and health. Even though I don't have as much time to work out presently as I used to, I still try to do as much as I can. I have to admit though, I get extremely bored running on treadmills. LOL! So, I am really excited to share with you two hilarious and fun work out items.

Behind door #1 is Cardio in a box, a innovative and fun exercise regimen that can also act as decoration on your office desk. A way to spruce things up in your day to day office life. This gorgeous and simple box will allow you to fit in little bits of exercise throughout your day at the office. A couple minutes here and there could add up to the recommended half hour daily requirements. These moves help to burn calories and tone.

The set comes with 3 nylon fitness squares and a square cardboard box to store your squares also have your choice of colors: Classic (blue, green, red) or Camo (Green, beige, brown). Seriously, this is the thing to have when you're bored at your office and you don't have time for the gym. The exercises are easy enough to do and I feel people at all levels of fitness would be able to do pretty well. They also have exercies and instructional videos online.

Behind Door #2 is another hilariously fun exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is bring those balls with you once you've mastered the Juggle Fit DVD lessons. I was sent both the beginner and intermediate level DVDs to review. Now, I know you're thinking juggling is nothing like exercise but it actually works as an aerobic exercise that helps to burn 280 calories an hour. Not bad, huh? Heather Wolff, the lead instructor and creator behind Juggle Fit, guides you through how to juggle, burn calories, improve your coordination and enjoy yourself all at the same time. Sounds fun, doesn't it? 

I had a crazy time learning to juggle. It really is hard at first but I couldn't stop laughing at how much fun I was having. This never happens when I'm working out. Usually, I'm pumping my music loud just to keep me going. In the first DVD, which includes in it, the juggling scarves, I was learning the fundamentals of juggling from Heather while improving my balance and coordination. In the intermediate DVD, you move up the ladder and juggle balls instead. It also icludes an upper body toner workout and a 5 minute balance workout. Again, this is something that any one at any fitness level can try out. 

Buy ItCardio in a Box is available online for 12.95! Juggle Your Way to Fitness Beginner DVD (19.99) and Intermediate DVD with 3 Juggling Balls (34.99) are available online!

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April said...[Reply]

Sounds fun!

latanya t said...[Reply]

Box 1 sounds like fun. I could use some cardio exercises in my life right now.

Marthalynn said...[Reply]

Haha! What a fun way to exercise!

LJ13 said...[Reply]

I would love this! I need motivation to exercise! lol :)

Donna said...[Reply]

Looks like fun! I would like the Cardio in a box.

Wendi said...[Reply]

This is too neat! I can vouch for the workout of doing juggling - I was babysitting at a church function in the nursery, and decided to juggle some bandanas to entertain the kiddos - it worked like a charm, and before long, I was really feeling it!

Love your review, and I'd love to give these a try. :) Wendi

katklaw777 said...[Reply]

I am sooooooo excited to learn about this.
I need to get fitter and am bored easily.
I have always wanted to learn how to juggle...what fun, thanks!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I'd like the CArdio In A Box. I think it would fit me better.

Susan said...[Reply]

I would love to learn to juggle and actually make it a workout!!! How fun would that be?!?!?!

mary brown said...[Reply]

Cardio in a box sounds like an awesome way to get into this way of exercising

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