Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Children's #CD #Review: U R Some 1

By now, I suppose some of my readers are familiar with Recess Music. Recess Music is a company dedicated to helping kids value a world that's wise, fair, and generous hearted. This isn't the first time I've done a review for their music. I love their morals an values and think they do a great job encouraging kids. They are now coming out with their second CD in its "Best Foot Forward" series of CDs, yup, today! So check it out.

All of the 12 songs on this CD are motivational and help to instil self-esteem into children. I love how it highlights that although all humans are the same, everyone is a little different in their own way and its okay. In fact, its great to be you! Its a great concept for the little ones to help and there are even songs to cheer them up when they're down. Just pop in and play "Put your Happy Face On".

It brings with a very positive attitude and outlook on life and I honestly feel that children would benefit from listening to it. Through each unique song by different singers, its a little bit of fun wrapped within the context of self-improvement that'll have your kids singing and dancing along.

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Buy It: U R Some 1 (Ages 4-11, Runtime 32 minutes) can be purchased for $12.99 today (Oct 18) from, stores, and Recess Music.

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