Sunday, October 2, 2011

Untitled #Jersey Project Episode 1 #Review

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Untitled Jersey City Project is the newest thing in television drama. In eight short episodes, each episode is a small piece of a bigger story. Definitely not your usual TV series, it focuses  on the fast moving and changing Jersey City Shoreline.  Politics, betrayals, power, beauty, and money all mixed in a gritty Jersey city with the same old rules, all while trying to develop a shiny, sleek and new city.  Win it all or die trying.

Take a sneak peak of Episode 1 of Untitled Jersey City Project here:
This episode was about Ray's accident? or was it a murder? His partner Frank receives a funny phone call and rushes to the scene in his fancy new Audi A6 with the sexy, new headlights and the changed tail lights. (Side note: I love the heads up display. it is sooo hot!!!) Anyhow, Frank seems to have ended in a sticky situation at the end of the episode.

My take? Its a really short clip and fairly fast paced. Not a bad story line but what's with the bedroom scene at the beginning? LOL, its kind of expected, money, power, women, etc... but it didn't really seem well acted out.  I ended up getting a little confused about where Frank picks up the 2nd woman? The first one was still clearly in bed and as he's rushing to find Ray, where does this new woman even come in. She just suddenly appears out of the car at the scene of the crime. Its unique, however, and it makes you curious about what's going to come next and if they're going to fill in the blanks.

Watch the short clip. Let me know what you think.

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