Saturday, October 29, 2011

#Cold-Eeze Oral Spray #Review

It's flu season! How do you take care of yourself? Are you the type that gets their flu shot? Well, whether you do or not, Cold-EEZE has come out with a new product that will help you reduce the severity and duration of the common cold.  The Oral Spray is a new spray that's formulated with zinc gluconate, the same stuff that's been clinically proven and used in Cold-EEZE's lozenges.

I was sent a bottle of Cold-EEZE in Cherry Flavor to review. Each bottle contains at least 45 doses or 90 sprays. The recommended dosage is to use 2 sprays as 1 dose at the first sign of a cold, retain for 15 seconds, and then swallow. The cool thing about this spray is that it doesn't cause any drowsiness or lightheadedness. Nor does it affect your blood pressure, so that's one less worry for those of you who have high blood pressure. 

Cold-EEZE is approved for people over the age of 12 but don't worry, they have Kids-EEZE for kids over 6 years of age. It also works to decrease the severity of cold symptoms like cough, sore thraot, hoarseness, nasal congestion and/or post nasal drip. I enjoyed the fact that it was such a portable size. The bottle literally fits into my hand and would easily fit into my bag so that if I was feeling like crap at work, I could just whip it out and spray myself a couple times. This is definitely something I'll be reaching for this fall and winter.

Buy ItShop online for the Cold-EEZE Oral Spray ($11.99) or look for it at your local retail store.

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