Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#Fall #Giveaway Festival Sponsor Spotlight: #J3ll #Watches #Review #RetailMeNotFallFest

I haven't had a watch in 4+ years. Its actually probably been long than that, so long that I can't even remember when the last time I wore a watch was. I desperately needed one but never had the time to go looking for one. J3LL offered a fun solution.

Available in a myriad of colors, these watches are pretty cool and simple to use. There are currently 2 styles: the "Rock", a square-face watch and the "Clock", a smaller round-faced watch. These unisex watches are a fun addition to your outfit and I love how you can mix and match the colors to match your outfit or mood. Its just too easy. Pop out the clock face and attach it into a different silicone color band in a matter of seconds.

I love colors and if I could, I would pick every single one of these watches. However, I ended choosing light blue, purple and white. Look at the fun I had! I do have smaller wrists so the watch face was just a tad big on me but at the same time, the soft silicone wrist band was soft and comfortable.

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Buy ItJ3LL watches are $24.99 and extra faces/bands are $14.99.

Win It: J3LL has been generous enough to offer 1 Whirlwind of Surprises' reader 2 J3LL watches of their choice. Come back to enter the giveaway as part of the Fall Giveaway Festival! Make it easier on yourself by showing the sponsor some love now: Like J3LL on facebook and follow @J3LL.

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided by J3LL for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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Celticlady's Reviews said...[Reply]

I did all the above, following and liking...
These watches are pretty cool and the colors look awesome!! Great giveaway...


UntrainedHairMom said...[Reply]

How cool are those watches! I don't wear a watch either, but these are neat!

Erika said...[Reply]

Those watches look really fun! Thanks for the review! I followed you! Have a great day! :)

Cristine said...[Reply]

Cute watches. They look like I could use them with the kids and not worry about destroying them.
Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love the bright colors!

Theresa said...[Reply]

I was just thinking about how long it has been since I had a watch. 1996. These are very cool but I think I will stick with the no watch gig. It's been working for me.

Nice giveaway. The purple is my favorite.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

These watches are so cool. I like the vibrant colours they have to offer.

I know my Nieces would love to add them to their jewelry wardrobe and I would wear one too.

Thanks for introducing me to this great product. ~Pauline

Unknown said...[Reply]

These are not only cute, but they also look tough, which is awesome.

email: LesGalloway //at// hotmail //dot// com

Gina said...[Reply]

These are so cool looking!!!! I really want one!!!!

polly said...[Reply]

i love the bright colors that you have to choose from!

Judy said...[Reply]

These are very neat looking. I like the bright colors they come in.


~April~ said...[Reply]

These are real cute. Would love to have one. :-)

Unknown said...[Reply]

These are so adorable! I know my daughter would love these watches as much as I do!

Unknown said...[Reply]

These watches are really cool.... I love the colors!

okj83 at live dot com

Lillea said...[Reply]

Quite reasonably priced!

contactlillea at gmail dot com

maria g said...[Reply]

These are very cute and unique! I've never seen watches like these around, ever. I'd love to get one!

Brooke said...[Reply]

these are cute!

Unknown said...[Reply]

These look like fun! I mean who wouldn't want to have them!

searching4princecharming said...[Reply]

Looks interesting!


Digi Stitches said...[Reply]

I like these watches though I rarely wear one. I like combining the different colors! Very cool!

Michele P. said...[Reply]

I love the way you can mix and match colors, what fun watches!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Really cool watches!!!! I love them!

Rhonda Martin said...[Reply]

A watch for every outfit how cool is that~! The colors are fun and so many to choose from.
Thanks for sharing this review~!

Angie said...[Reply]

so cute! great for stocking stuffers this year!

409cope said...[Reply]

I love the versitility.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...[Reply]

love the vibrant colors!

Deb said...[Reply]

I really like how you can interchange them to look different...your review made me want one even more!

John said...[Reply]

I think my daughter would really like these! They're very trendy looking. :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love the colours! cool warches, thanks!

Juana said...[Reply]

I like the variety...very pretty colorful watches.


mamabunny13 said...[Reply]

These are really cute and fun and for a good price too!

ticklemetiffy said...[Reply]

I love how you can mix and match and wow the colors are so vibrant and beautiful!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

How neat! I love the availability of choices!

Perk11 said...[Reply]

These watches are 'stylin' love all the colors!

Danyale N. said...[Reply]

these would make some good christmas presents they are so flashy and nice looking

Jennifer Anderson said...[Reply]

These would be great christmas gifts for my nieces!

jennifer anderson

Helen said...[Reply]

I would definitely wear these. They are really cute, and I always wear a watch whenever I go somewhere.

Stephanie said...[Reply]

I love that you can change the faces of the watches!

Stephanie said...[Reply]

My favorite color is purple!

annas04 said...[Reply]

I love cool and different watches...oh please let me win this one...hehehehe

samantha said...[Reply]

Wow I love the colors on these watches :)
I followed J3LL on Facebook and on Twitter

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I really love the color of these watches and they are a great price!

Michigan_Mom said...[Reply]

These look like a great new trend and I know my son would absolutely love one!!

Kelly Burroughs Crowell

Sweeter the berry said...[Reply]

These are very cute. I like the variety of colors.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I'm like you in the fact that I haven't owned/worn a watch in several years! I do, however, like these particular watched and would consider wearing one!


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love these watches and they would make great gifts...I've followed J3LL Watches on Facebook and Twitter and already a follower on all of yours

Amy Hollingsworth

Tanna said...[Reply]

I love these! great accessories!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love the fun colors,

♡♥♬ Raven In A Blue Room ♬♥♡ said...[Reply]

I like the different jewel tones the faces and wristband come in

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

Mona said...[Reply]

I also have not worn a watch for ages but would like to again. It is just not as convenient to pull out my blackberry to check the time.

My wrists are small too and the size of the watch face does concern me but I would be willing to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience.

Erin Slattery said...[Reply]

These look like really cool watches. Ty for the giveaway.

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...[Reply]

I love all the colors too! I'd want to wear them all together, because they look awesome =D

Rebekah said...[Reply]

These are pretty cool watches! I really would like to have one of these.

corey1971 said...[Reply]

I love style and colors. They are prefect for my kids.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I really like that you can mix and match these watches and that some of them are really bright and vibrant while others are a little more subtle.

Unknown said...[Reply]

These watches look really fuN!

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