Sunday, September 11, 2011

Straight Talk -A Contract Free Plan #StraightTalk #mobile

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Surprise! There's a new mobile carrier out that may just give the competition a run for its money. Straight Talk is pretty much what its name says. There are no contracts, no surprise bills, no credit checks. You pay upfront, similar to pay as you go, and you get great nationwide coverage with great reception and connectivity. It allows you to have a cell phone plan while not being bound to a contract and cutting your cell phone bill in half. Imagine what you could spend that extra saved money on! I'd save up for a nice dinner out. What about you? Straight Talk uses phones only from trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Kyocera.

Want the lowdown on their monthly plans? The "All You Need Plan" has 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 30MB of web data. Unlimited monthly services is only $45 and includes all calls, texts, picture messaging and internet. You can get unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and internet for a whole year for just $499.00! To be honest, my phone bill itself, even with discounts, for 2 cell phones is about $120/month and I only have 700 daytime minutes, unlimited nighttime/weekend minutes, 200 texts, and 2GB of data. Besides the texts that I always seem to run out of, I don't seem to ever use up my minutes. The cool thing about Straight Talk is that 411 calls are included FREE and there are no activation, reactivation or termination fees, which we've all experienced no matter what cell company we've used in the past. Straight Talk even has an International Long Distance Service that is a flexible prepaid calling service that allows you to make international calls from your home, office or cell phone at low rates. Hook, line and sinker

Worried about the phones? Sure, I'm an iPhone buff, so I love my phone above all else but you don't need to be worried because Straight Talk has smart phones available with features like touch screen, camera, mp3 player, voice nav, video recorder, instant messaging, blue tooth, and internet access. Best thing is, you don't need to spend a fortune on these smart phones. A refurbished smart phone is available from $10. So, I think that Straight Talk is great for a lot of reasons. Its cheap and affordable and a great plan for kids getting their first cell phones and adults alike. Think of the money saved! Everything you need for half the price of most other companies. Call a friend without having to worry about paying your bills!

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Diane said...[Reply]

I actually was thinking about switching from verizon to straight talk and then was given the oppourtunity to do a few sponsored posts for them. After that I was just trying to decide which phone I wanted to go with. I ended up pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Precedent - it is the touch screen android. It said it wouldnt ship for 2-3 weeks but I got it 3 days later! ILove my phone and I love how affordable it is! It took about 16 hours for Straight talk to cancel my verizon plan and activate my new phone. While I was waiting my old phone still worked.

Unknown said...[Reply]

My daughter wants to do a buy out on her cell I am like okay, it is $300.00 to 'buy out' We have a family plan but slowly my kids are dropping off, saweet! They can go find great deals like this!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

This would be perfect for my dad who just recently got his own cell phone. Since he hates to talk on the phone, this is a low cost option.

Janice said...[Reply]

Wow. Great deal. :)

Digi Stitches said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great deal. I am also an iphone junkie but their rates are ridiculous!

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