Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spreading fluffy #holiday cheer as a #Nutrish #Ambassador Part I @Nutrish

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Rachel Ray Nutrish Ambassador
Having adopted JR, adoption is a topic very close to my heart. So as a Nutrish® Ambassador, I was more than happy to extract some time out of my busy schedule to do some good, just in time for the holiday season! We made a series of two visits, wherein we visited a couple of shelters, helped out and donated some Nutrish coupons for hopeful adoptees.

Our first stop is at somewhere close to my heart. I always love it when pet stores allow shelters  to run adoption runs there. That's where we met the Animal Relief Fund, a non-profit animal welfare organization in the Twin Cities established in 1987.

Their goal as a volunteer-based animal welfare organization is:
To greatly reduce the number of stray and abandoned companion animals in the Twin Cities area through rescue, rehabilitation, and permanent placement.
With an assortment of cats and dogs, we spent some time with them chatting with potential adopters and handing out Nutrish food and treat coupons.
Spreading holiday cheer with adoption as a #Nutrish Ambassador

Say you're not ready to adopt, you can still help by fostering a dog or cat. The Animal Relief Fund provides everything that you need to foster including food, litter, bowls, leashes, litter boxes and most importantly, veterinary care. For more info, you can contact ARF via phone 612-521-3767 or

One of the pups we had the pleasure of meeting was Lolita, a chihuahua mix, who was less than 2 months old, about the age when we adopted JR. That brought back sweet memories! Lolita came from a bad home, her sister was killed. She's still got a great spirit though and gets along with cats, kittens, and adult dogs.

It was hard to part with them, I wanted to take her home too. however, it's nice to that our left over coupons will now be added to the adoption packages to help those who are newly starting out to adopt.

Adopt or foster this holiday season... Join us next time to find out where we spread cheer next!

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