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Chatting with the head of #Marvel TV about #IronMan & #Hulk: Heroes United #ThorDarkWorldEvent @Marvel

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So while we were on our #ThorDarkWorldEvent, #DeliveryManEvent and #DisneyPlanesBloggers press trip, we were lucky enough to enjoy a sneak peak of Marvel’s new In-Home release IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED (available 12/03/2013). We even got to chat with Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel TV.

Jeph Loeb was quite excited about Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United. He described it as the "first longform DVD original story". That in itself was challenging because it needs to be longer than your usual 22 minute cartoon episode. The story has to be interesting and not repetitive for the entire length of the film (72 min).

In Jeph's words, the best way to describe it is that "it's a combination of CG but what it has is a 2D wrap." So in simpler terms, they combined CG animation and facial expressions. They mixed the 2D expressions and wrapped it around the computer graphics.
Interview with Jeph Loeb, head of #Marvel TV, on #Marvel's #IronMan & #Hulk: Heroes United
The neat thing about this movie is that the staff actually went out and talked to kids to find out which of the Marvel the Avengers characters they liked the most and who they would like to see teamed up. Kids had a fairly simple response: Iron Man and Hulk. They had an even better explanation of why. Kids had explained they wanted to see Iron Man and Hulk together because IronMan is tech based and he resolves things by thinking and inventing things, whereas Hulk is smash based. They wanted to see how Hulk and Iron Man could work together to solve problems.

The beauty of this movie though is that there is a moral of the story. The villian of the story is a long known Marvel villian Zzzax who essentially is an "energy siphoning being". Through Zzzax and the story, kids are supposed to get a green message about how we use energy and that it is not an inexhaustible source. Besides that, I love how as with any other Marvel show, personal losses and triumphs are a key component and they deal with real world problems.

Even though it's a 72 minute feature, it still took 18 months to put everything together. As to my question of who would be paired up next, Jeph said you have to watch Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United to find out.

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