Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Infiltrating ABC to get the inside scoop on #TheNeighbors & #Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD

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Who's a fan of ABC shows? Modern Family is definitely a favorite in our household...and Once Upon a Time is my new addiction (I caught up to Season 3 in less than a week!) but now I've picked up a couple new shows. I was lucky enough to get to screen an episode of "The Neighbors" and "Agents of Shield".

Dan Fogler, creator and executive producer of The Neighbors came to introduce one of his favorite episodes of The Neighbors prior to the screening. It was pretty neat because the writer of the episode is a Shark Tank junkie. So he had come up with having Debbie (played by Jami Gertz) appear on Shark Tank since she's always trying to think of a way to get back into the business world. Speaking of which, Jami Gertz and Max Charles actually stopped by to chat with us!

This episode was unique because it was shot on the Shark Tank site with their cameras. Dan was saying, "They were such good sports on Shark Tank." Shark Tank was actually filming that day so the cast of The Neighbors had a finite amount of time that they could get in and do what they needed to do. They went in during the middle of the Sharks listening to the pitches and found themselves rooting for these individuals.

Interestingly, an episode only takes 5 days to film and consists of a 28 page script. Lucky for them, Shark Tank has 12 cameras so they were able to blow through a lot of scenes quickly but they really had to be on their A game.
Interview with Dan Fogler, Jami Gertz and Max Charles from #TheNeighbors and Jeph Loeb of Marvel TV for #AgentsofShield
Dan has done a lot of Disney and Pixar movies which include Cars, Bolt, and Tangled so viewers will notice that a little of what he's trying to accomplish with The Neighbors is a show that adults can laugh and enjoy with the kids, who will be laughing at other things. Watch The Neighbors Fridays at 8:30PM.

The second show we screened was Marvel's Agents of Shield. Wow, how was I not a fan before? This action-packed, suspense-filled show is definitely my type of show. The first thing we found out though was that Agent Coulson is back from the dead. He's a different man, changed, but we don't know yet how it happened. We've been promised that it will eventually be revealed on Agents of Shield. Watch it Tuesdays at 8PM EST.

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