Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheap, Simple and Easy...Home #Decor Ideas

Simple Decor ideas
Can you imagine them welcoming your guests at the door?
I don't like the background of this pic but I can definitely see the potential.
My walls are looking bland lately. I'll have to admit, I've refrained from decorating my apartment too much because I never really know how long I'll be staying here and I hate packing. It's mainly due to the fact that I'm neurotic about forgetting things and leaving things behind. It also has to do with the amount of stuff I accumulate. The more I have, the more work I have to do when I move. After Blogher though, I received this awesome dry erase board during one of the events. I love it. It's a colorful wall decal that sticks and peels to surfaces. It can come down easily and move with me when I move. It doesn't leave any residue or damage.

Then I got to thinking. I decorated my SO's room back home with some cards and frames. It was so easy. I had chosen some black and white floral picture cards, bought wooden frames, and put them in. I instantly had 3 gorgeous decor pieces, all for under $10. A neat idea would be to grab some wholesale poster frames and create your own decor. I love taking pictures of my pups and I would love to have a big poster of them hanging up in a gorgeous frame. It adds a personal and warm touch to your home and helps to take up some blank space. Or, if you have kids, you could put up an enlarged picture of them too. You could make it a family project where you go out to the park, do a photo shoot, and then choose the picture as a family. It would make for great memories and a beautiful piece.

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