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Home Decor: Carpeting at it's best #CarpetOne

Carpet ReviewCarpet Review
Remember how I told you I got my first pedicure and had a fantastic time at the Spill & Chill Lounge at Blogher12? I was chatting with the ladies there about my carpet problems. You see, every time I go back to Canada, my parents inevitably try to put away as many carpets as they can. Why? JR and Baby Pom, mostly JR, used to pee on the carpets. Not sure what makes her do that or her reasoning behind it...but it was annoying! Not only that but we also had light carpets, so whenever there was something spilt, it would be so much work trying to get it out. Then I learnt of one of the products Carpet One sells, the Relax...It's Lees carpets. These are some special carpets!
Carpet Review
Built with Evertex, they are built to be pet-resistant, kid-resistant, and even spill-resistant. I was treated to a demonstration in front of my eyes and I was amazed. Evertex allows for resistant, strong, and soft carpeting that effectively does damage control. The Evertex fiber offers stain protection by blocking stains before they can settle in because the protection is throughout the carpet fiber instead of just at the top like many other carpet brands. Evertex is also available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. It was ridiculously hard for me to choose just one style and color. They further feature a patented ExtraLoc backing which is double what you would normally see in regular carpets. The result is an extra durable carpet.

As if the carpet itself wasn't stunning enough, Lees® also has an exceptional warranty policy. They provide a 25 year wear and texture guarantee and a life of floor guarantee. Can you imagine that? They will guarantee no stains for the life of your carpet. In a messy apartment like mine with two dogs, this guarantee is gold.

I was sent a 4' x 6' Unforgettable carpet in Cypress to review. The Unforgettable carpet, although quite plain with no design, was one chosen by me because of it's "unforgettable" texture. It was so plush and soft when I tested it during BlogHer12 that I thought, "Wow, this is definitely a carpet I could lay down and relax on. Or I could play with JR and Baby Pom on it." I also had Montelle as one of my choices because of the beautiful patterning. When I unrolled the carpet, mischief transpired! Take a look at the pics...JR decided that this was going to be her carpet from the get go. It was so comfortable for her that she immediately started rubbing her scent on it. Then she'd wander off, grab a toy, and bring it back. She'd go off again, grab another toy, and bring that back. She was setting up a fort! She would also lie by the unrolled edge of the carpet as if saying, "C'mon mom, give me more..." So I'd unroll a little more and she'd repeat her ritual of rubbing her scent into the carpet. Eventually, Baby Pom came to see what the fuss was about. He was allowed on the carpet but when he tried to settle in too, JR would have none of it. This carpet was hers! So, the fur babies have officially given their stamp of approval.

I, myself, am quite in love with it too. The plush texture, the comfy feel, the though of not having to worry about pee/wine stains...I could probably fall asleep on it and that's exactly what JR did. She was reluctant to move when I had to move the carpet. Luckily, I haven't had any troubles with spills or accidents yet but even if I did, I'm confident in the spill-resistant properties of the carpet and the warranty behind it. The only point that may make people think a bit is the price of $8.04 per square feet. It's definitely pricier than your normal carpet. However, in the long run, the maintenance saved, the carpet life, and warranty may be more than worth it.

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Wendy @ AMFT said...[Reply]

Perfect timing..we are looking for some new carpet.

Brooke said...[Reply]

Wow...pee,kid and stain resistant...yes please. We definitely need this in our house.Thanks so much for the info.

Crazy Coupon Mommy said...[Reply]

You had me at pee and stain resistant. Sounds toddler proof! Thanks for the review.

Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

I so need pet resistant carpets!~ My dogs have ruined my carpets b/c they refused to get potty trained!

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